Lagos City, the true Capital City of Africa!!!

All those stories we hear about Lagos, that it’s chaotic and noisy, that it’s dirty… Well, I think those stories are not quite true! Lagos seems to have an other side of the same coin.
For the record, Lagos is currently the largest city in Africa, both by size and population. In comparison, Nairobi is just a dwarf, albeit proudly so!
The photos below tell the story of Lagos City:-

I love the helipad next to the highway :rolleyes:

Beautiful but shida ya stima inasinya sana

Sasa tuwekee picha za watu wakiwa na generator kwa makeja zao juu ya thithima kupotea kila time
[ATTACH=full]60976[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]60980[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]60976[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]60978[/ATTACH]

Concrete jungle

The generators cause death in numbers. …carbon monoxide poisoning

I think that is Victoria Island. Huko kuna masonko wengi sana. hebu weka picha za makoko slum

The cherry-picked and well edited photographs will make you think the place is Miami.
Just look at this:

we all know damn well Nai doesnt look this good on any given day…

Sasa enda utuletee picha za AJAGUNLE.

I think that problem should be understandable. Tha size of the City’s population is not a joke! And we should not forget that it is a developing economy!

Their bus transport seems organised

Some of those pictures sio za Lagos. Naona some photo ya Indonesia hapo ndani usidanganywe na hao oga. The fourth one should be Indonesia if I am not wrong.

Normally check the background of those Nija movies ,big mansons ,poor roads,pathetic public trasport etc

Most of them are not even shot in Lagos due to terrible traffic jams and congestion.

Hata mimi nataka uweke picha zile mi huona kwa oga movies…mansions sorrounded by filth,impassable roads etc…

It would be so very wonderful if we could be able to travel to places and take pictures ourselves! Those of us who do regular traveling within and without our country, let us cultivate the habit of taking photos, original photos, and post them here with zeal!

You are right, @WuTang! A Nairobi scene in a movie could be recreated anywhere! The Ten Commandments depicts Judea and Egypt, but the movie was shot in Morocco!

The picture hide the fact that 90% of Lagos depends on borehole water and not municipal tap water

This is something I wish Kenya had.