Lady who lost 11 pregnancies dies while trying the 12th time

I really respect persistent people because I am one. Unfortunately this one has no happy ending. Adoption might have saved her life and given a child a home. RIP mama. Your 11 kids are angels awaiting you in heaven.


Akufe tu azikwe

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infaa watu wakubali not everyone is supposed to be a mother


The legendary dryfry artist

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Reproductive instinct can be overpowering when it hits

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Life is not fair

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Akitafuna P2 na kuavya mimba akiwa mosichana mdogo akivuna matunda ya hio Dio analialia?

She could have gotten a surrogate to carry the pregnancy since she clearly having problems carrying to term. Africans don’t understand and use science and the advances it has made to their advantage. In Kenya its not even expensive. If you have tried 5 times its time to try alternatives. You can still have your own kids without carrying pregnancy

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She was determined to get it naturally

Alitajitrisha pastor akifikiri atapewa mtoto.

Religion is stupid.

Why? What difference does it make? It’s still your DNA whether you carry or another woman does it. Africans should learn to embrace advances in science. Killing yourself to do things ‘naturally’ is retrograssive.)