lady wants your prove that you love her

umekua uki date a girl then when you tell her you love her or want to be with her, anakuambia you prove it. What does this mean

How old are you?

Beta male detected… M


Toboka kasee

pea yeye mimba

Mwaga ndani


Anakuambia umnunulie gari ama atapeana hiyo kuma mahali pengine.

Huyo ni upcoming malaya.

Kabla Enigma amarike ali try kurudiana na ex wake mmoja alikua na poosie ingine muoto sana. Enigma alipojaribu ex akamwambia ‘what are you going to do different? Are you apologetic about your past actions? I want you to respond by whatsapp message so that I can keep a record’.
Of course Enigma can’t do such thing. He moved on and got another fire poosie. When the ex heard that Enigma alioa, akapigia Enigma simu ati 'kwani you can’t take a joke?was just kidding.'Unfortunately amekua single madha in her quest to find Mr Right.


We don’t tell them we love them,the end goal ni kumwanga so concentrate na ikusde maneno ya love achia kina @Baby Panay


That is a shit test. Ask her to do the same “prove her love to you”

Serve her love for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Basically you walk the talk boss, sio maongezi tu kama umewekwa cd

I like what Enigma did. Never be LAMBISTIK

I like what Enigma did. Never be LAMBISTIK

Never tell a woman that you love her. Ever.

Bunch of toddlers joining the forum… I’m getting too old for this shit.