Lady Drugged and sodomised right on the dance floor

Predators taking it to the next level…

Same guy does this all the time

Kuna talker alifanya hivo akanyandua stripper pale bavon

Mnapenda kunywa vitu vya bure mkidhania hamtalipa. First thing you should teach your daughters is how to make their own money besides fleecing it from men. And if they chose the latter path hkm is inevitable when they meet the likes of @uwesmake above

That is NOT a girl. is an old woman that is Jasmine Eiland, is a mother, with a husband who does NOT drink. She kept fucking up and the husband got custody of the son. She literally lived on facebook hunting for dates.

You see the full video, she records hersel the whole time.At some point she appears to go limb after being “drugged” and her neck flops BUT her hand DOES NOT go limb and drop her phone.

Now guys, that right there is what a kunguru is. Look at the full video. She enertained the guy, flirted with him. She “assumed the position” and chose to use her hands to take the video rather than use them to push away. She even intimated to her friends online that she had done it to spite her husband!

That’s a nice observation.

Actually hiyo haikuwa rape. The internet said rape, the lady said NOT rape. It was a setup. Huyo ni mama, aliacha bwana nyumbani ako kwa klab bila ngotha, pete ya harusi ametoa amefungilia hapo nyuma ya simu and at the time was pregnant! Mpaka hata bwanake, brother, na dada ya huyo kunguru walikiri that she was lying. Watu wanatumika vibaya sana siku hizi. Na labda huyo jamaa alifungwa! Bure.

Baada ya hapo huyo mama alikaa hapo klab moaka asubuhi akiparty.

Most dimwits up in here have fucked in clubs before more than once (esp kwa gents etc :D:D, wacheni kujifanya mapastor), sometimes kunguru anacheka and at the same time anasema no, at the same time anaspread cheeks and at the same time anasema no, at the same time anasema fak mi and at the same time anasema no. Hiyo ni rape gani? Hakuna.

sema tu ni wewe.

Huyu akikupiga Hedi Una okotwa jongomeo.

Yaani Makena uliona rape haitoshi? The first time I read this title it was only about a rape, ukaona uongeze sodomised pia?

The charge sheet reads aggravated sodomy. Got to get the charge right, [ATTACH=full]253387[/ATTACH]I didn’t know that you can sodomise s1 on a dance floor flooded with people.


Investigators ktalk wanakuanga mwoto :D:D hakuna kitu inaweza wapita

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