Lady celebrates divorce


Hawa ni wale ukiingisha tu hivi the whole world awaits you …it’s like you walked into a stadium alone… walls too far you can’t touch …are you outside or in

:D:D:D:D Umejuaje? According to the Kenyatalk constitution, we look at the size of the lips to determine the expanse of the “lips.” This one’s lips appear to be just the right size.

Hapa watu nikuongeza mileage wakiingia karura, she probably thinks she’s the hot stuff[ATTACH=full]382606[/ATTACH]

The size of the mouth is directly proportional to that of her genitals ,hii ni mtaro ,after nyangau zimesongesha millage and no one needs her she will regret the day she divorced.but there are captain save hoes who don’t care about millage and baggage . @Baby Panay will come swooping like a hawk and save her from her misery. Right now he is mgeytow working hard to improve his account and generally pathetic life under @Karoga banner.

Middle of Nowhere

alshabab, mkundu yako iko hivo after kutombwa daily na @patco

Reversed psychology, the smile is fake. She is literally crying inside due to the devorce.

Hii naLamber

I just visited her profile in Facebook, Linked-In, Tinder, IG, Snapchat et al, clearly she isn’t a keeper this one. Belongs to the streets…side za Grogon, Globe roundabout Ngara, Nyamakima, River road and lastly Kirinyaga Road.

Sublimal messaging at its beat. She is literally shouting; hey come save a hoe who just got kicked out. Look at the peeping cleavage and fake smile.

Stadiums and mouth size aside.
If I was to ask my ex for a celebratory divorce meal he would probably slap the silliness out of me.

What is the problem if a woman decides to be WGTOW?

Singo maza niaje? Bado ule mshamba ako na parkison’s disease anajiita @Wanaruona anakatia wewe?

You are mistaken.
Anakatia my younger sister Engineer Wambui.

Humbwer ghasia shoga hapana quote mimi ovyo ovyo. Saa hii ni kutafuta pesa msenge wewe.


Vipi Mungiki ya Ndenderu, si unipatilie number ya Engineer Wambui pris? Pale Inboks

Cheza chini labda nikuskumie ya @TrumanCapote [ATTACH=full]382681[/ATTACH]

Sawa pea mimi thru pass wakimalizana niongeze maili pia