Lady at the Park

Her name is Sharon … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :two_hearts:


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:fire: :two_hearts:

Doktari hii hapana

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Not everyone is “osha mesho” material, and they should understand that it’s ok. A beautiful body is just an accident of heredity. Those who don’t have it should focus on their mind and personality and move humanity forward.

Akitoa nguo unapata creases Kwa mattercore. Nalipa 150

Kijana …
I was there …
Trust my expert judgement in these matters …
She has phenomenal physical and character gifts …:star_struck::fire::revolving_hearts:

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It is not …
Some work really hard to maintain, care for and embellish what the Good Lord gave them…:star_struck::revolving_hearts:

Rexxsenga niaje

A woman can only do so much with exercise and “beauty” treatments. If she doesn’t have the “it” factor, she will never breach even 7/10. On the other hand, there’s the effortless 10/10. Even if they let themselves go, you can clearly see the “it” factor.

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I wish it was Organic Raw Beauty that we were all discussing here …
Does it also include “Sex Appeal” …??? :blush:

Sex appeal speaks to the basest of instincts. In fact, if dogs could talk, they would aver that bitches have sex appeal. The “it” factor transcends sex appeal. The kind of beauty that sparks contemplation rather than raw desire. As the madman Kifee says in his rare moments of lucidity, “Ukimuona unaskia tu kumpea plot”. :rofl:

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:rofl: Doggtari tunakuona. You’re not fooling anyone with your strange fetishes :rofl:

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And You have a backward , Juvenile mind …
Elders of my caliber involve themselves only in serious CSR missions … :blush:

**PS :
And I keep saying countless times in here …
I DON’T EAT PORK … !! :blush:

Don’t split hairs Doggtari. Hippo beef is no different :rofl:

Your food science is rather suspect , Kijana …
Hippo Meat is NOT Beef … :blush:

If it isn’t, it should be, but you’re not denying that you partake of hippo game meat.

On a side note, is hippo meat fish?