If a man is taking care of you, the kids, the home and you are happy… What’s wrong with him getting another woman? Why y’all so stingy? It’s not like he loves you any less.

I truly believe if females allowed their man to have another woman, divorce rates would decrease from 75% to 2%.

And those, ‘‘chicks saying well i am gonna get myself anotheran on the side’’… You are the reason divorce rate are high!!!

If a woman is taking care of your kids, taking care of your food, house etc, what is the problem if she shares her punany with that guy she met in a matatu. Why are you married men so stingy? It is not like she loves you any less.

You know these artists with one hit wonders and suddenly turn to shit thereafter? Ebru is the village equivalent of that tangu Ebrufication chronicles ni umeffi tu.

Your Lordship kiongozi @Ebru tulisema kwa kijiji ukionekana unapewa saluti lakini usiingie bila kutupea EBRUFICATION mecho ing’ae . ahsande .

Kijana you can wait a few years to die and then in heaven there are no sins…you can pet as many pussys as you want.

Say it again for the guys in the cheap seats aka backbencher’s

Plus you know what’s going down. You are 100% being advised by singo mathas “et al” ! go for it !

When the logic is thus flipped, he finds it less appealing.

I swear hii ni pink handle confused