Ladies who dress in decently in the office

So once upon a time I worked in a male dominated office, there was a lady who had recently returned from maternity leave and she would be dropped by the husband very smartly and decently dressed. If you met her at the lift you would be forgiven to think it’s a different person from the one you would meet with in the office. Before proceeding to the office she would go to the ladies washrooms and change into some very weird clothes as in skimpy, low cut, sleeveless, then before leaving for home again she would change back to the decent official clothes.

At first it was thought to be post partum depression but her moods were very Okey and before maternity she was not behaving this way. I have seen this scenarios even with older women who are over 50. A woman was dressing very decently then boom one day she comes with some very indecent clothes, very tight trouser or very low cut or short clothes.

@smokin_gun is this a form of midlife crisis or what is it exactly?

I hear women become more horny when they hit menopause.

Ngoja nifike nitakushow but huyu wa kutoka maternity was below 30.

I think that this is some type of mental disorder that a woman got after giving birth and during maternity leave. This disorder can be called “lack of male attention”. Maybe she needed help…her husband had to find out about this situation somehow and take her to a therapist. Because if this situation is not corrected, it can only get worse over time. As for clothes, I really like it when people dress decently. That’s very beautiful. Recently, I found a great way to fill my wardrobe with office clothes without spending a lot of money and time on shopping. I order a box of clothes to rent for myself , you can read more here, so when I get tired of these items, I order another box of clothes. This way I always have new clothes and I am the most fashionable in the office.

In my opinion this is a really serious problem for any woman who has given birth to a child. Usually, after the birth of a child, the parents do not have time for each other and they must either spend all their time on work or on the child. It is because of this reason that women have a time when they lack a man and a man’s care. This state of a woman can lead to wrong actions or consequences. In my opinion, it is very important to follow your fashion and the style of your clothes. How you dress depends on how people will treat you. Personally, I take this very seriously and always try to wear fashionable, beautiful and bright clothes. It is very easy to find such clothes, for example womens high fashion clothing Denver can provide a huge list of fashionable and modern clothes. Don’t forget that fashion rules the world.

You’re right that fashion rules the world. And how people perceive us really depends on fashion. What kind of clothes do you usually wear to work? When I go to work, I always dress strictly and neatly, because in our office there are rules on how to dress and if you break them you can get a fine.

Sorry I didn’t see that you did already answer I take this very seriously and always try to wear fashionable, beautiful and bright clothes. my bad.