Ladies there's now only one response for this kind of requests from chimpanzees

This is exactly the mindset which incubates the seeds of schizophrenia later in life. Being continuously subjected to fear of imagined happenings will slowly ruin a healthy human being.
Beware, hehe.

Better Schizophrenic than beheaded. If the lovely lady in my profile picture was as paranoid as I am, she’d be alive today. The world is not a safe place for women. If you are in denial of that you will end up as a statistic.

These deaths are both tragic and infuriating. It’s very heartbreaking to lose people, esp. when they are still so young, by the hand of some brute. But my point is you survive many dangers in this life, some that you never even know about. So people must still move on, and live.

@lionheart have you ever sniffed @trumancapote’s panties?

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With these kind of people out and about we are not even sure about our security coz if they can do this, they can kidnap kids and women. DCI seems to be unable to apprehend the suspect. With no arrests being made how can we be assured of our security

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When you think about it, there is a lot of boldness in criminals, because many get away scot free. Either they don’t get caught, or they somehow wriggle out of the path to a lasting jail term on grounds of insufficient evidence. There should be zero mercy for rapists and murderers. If fact they should reinstate the death penalty, so these beasts can be cleared from the face of the earth.

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What is more worrying is that we have highly trained intelligence officers yet they are always getting caught flat footed by security breeches in this country.

Shakahola, Matara and his gang, now these Nigerians or whichever nationality ritualists, all had boldness due to lack of intelligence and police negligence. By the time some one has the guts to pull off such a thing, trust me they know that they won’t get caught, there’s no serious security and intelligence apparatus bcz we all know what their priorities are and it’s not the security of the citizens.

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I’m sure the cops at DCI are good enough to crack these cases, it’s motivation that is lacking. It’s time Kenyans took their security seriously, even as people in a residential community, in the sense of checking if others are OK when something suspicious is noticed. People can prevent many crimes if they resurrect the culture of helping someone who seems to be getting bullied in public, that alone prevents criminals from feeling safe to operate. As it is, you can get drugged in a club and get carried out by strangers to an undisclosed location without anyone raising a finger. That mustn’t happen, as others’ safety affects your own. People need to ask questions.
Recently I came across a young man who was arguing furiously with a female security guard in town, he was refusing to have her check his bag and he was even pushing her roughly. She was visibly frightened, since she was alone at her post. Normally I don’t bother with people, but in this case I had to intervene and tell the guy he couldn’t act that way. Either show her what he’s carrying, that’s the rule, or simply leave. He had to comply since he didn’t know what authority I had to question him. That’s when a couple of other people stopped and demanded to know what the problem was.
I think we are not yet where women should do some risky things alone, eg. going to meet a stranger. You won’t always be treated as you’d want, so you must also be careful, or have some trusted backup.

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