Ladies saidieni kidogo

My man has finally successfully pinned me down and am happy to announce I am now preggers.
Shida ni morning sickness. I have had to stop working as I spend most mornings in the toilet puking. I am also very very sleepy. My doctor says it will pass. My mum has advised me to quit working i[SIZE=16px]f it persists. My man is ok with this but my mother in law thinks I am exaggerating.
What is your experience ladies?
Especially you @Female Perspective coz you are forever preggers. And @Guru too juu you have popped a few.[/SIZE]

I’m out of the loop, but je @Ebonycurves ameleta effidens ya thermal image ya shiportal ama hii ni shemale?

Only advice I can give is morning sickness is normal until it’s not. If the vomiting and weakness ikuwe excess seek medical attention.
Otherwise just go with the flow, you’re pregnant. Take a break once in a while, but don’t give up your work life… maintain a normal life as much as possible.

Start going for clinic, most of this questions will be best answered by a qualified doctor than anonymous contributors like me.

Ask your doctor about folic tablet and other subliments to boost your blood count, minerals and vitamins in your body.

We shinda hapo tu.

Another thing, don’t let that marksman talk you out of your cravings.
Hata kama ni saa tisa ya usiku and you’re craving for omena, don’t yield.
And if it’s brought and you develop a craving for mangoes specifically from kathonzweni…go ahead and demand.
He scored the penalty and he has to oblige you!

Thanks… I have never felt, stranger

Lucky for himI only, crave blueberries at the moment

Wait until its popping out then you’ll know the meaning of strange ;):wink:

Thanks for scaring me NV…
Umepewa kiti?[ATTACH=full]94215[/ATTACH]

Will raisin muffins do? Blueberries will only be in season in Canada in a months time.

Sitaki kujua. So far he has been successfully delivering

It’s still early but when the time comes make sure you request an epidural! All the best.

That’s exactly how the first 4 months of my pregnancies played out. Especially with the boy I was perpetually sleepy. I sort of took a break from work, good thing I’m self employed. It took a toll on me at some point I was rushed to the ER and admitted. Lost weight too. Take it all in stride. It will fade away but consider taking leave if your body demands it. Soon you’ll be holding your bundle of joy, like we’re doing right now, breastfeeding eta 1.00am

Thanks for the heads up:)

Asante for your wisdom. The sleeping thing is the real worry but good to hear it’s normal.
Hope I won’t still be sleepy when I have to breastfeed at 1am:eek:

I pray @Ebonycurves please do not heed this advice. When the mother of my son was heavy with child(wewe bado kuwa heavy hehehe…sorry to burst ya bubble but you gonna get and feel big),I was stationed approx. 700 kms from her work place. Sasa hizi demands unaambiwa hapa na @inzhener otmetka mwanaume ambaye hajawahi shika mimba ama as he says ‘kupiga penalty’ made me do the 700kms round trip every weekend from July to February when she finally got transfered to where I used to be. As she ballooned and gained weight,msee nilikonda na kamfuko kakapata malnutrition kama ya marasmus,kwashiorkor and scurvy combined. Friday 4 pm mimi huyo kwa bus nikienda,Sunday 8pm mimi huyo nikirudi.
I went through pregnancy ‘hell’ na nikatokea upande wa pili unscarthed n totally hardened.

One behalf on huyo msela wako,please be reasonable. After all si hata wewe ulipanua paja juu ulijua mkwaja waja?.. Ya’ll guilty

Hii swali imeulizwa ma pink handlers but wanaume ndio wamenoga kujibu.

:D:D:D Ati kamfuko kakapata malnutrition:D
Nilipanua mapaja sikatai, lakini lazima tusaidiene mzigo.

Nisawa tu. Wengeni kama @It’s Le Scumbag have something to share. It’s good to hear from the other side. Amenichekesha…