Ladies please leave frustrating relationshits b4 you stab a man&end up in jail

Ladies relationship and marriage sio lazima, if you are frustrated please love yourself and walk out. Bure utawacha watoto wako wakihangaika uende jela. Say no to abusive relationshits. If that man doesn’t love you Jesus does.


“We were arguing, he hit me with a cup and I (accidentally) stumbled on a knife and stabbed him 11 times” Susan Njeri Wachiuri, 25, is accused of stabbing Kelvin Njenga Ng’ang’a 11 times using a knife.

But those guys questioning the lady are not giving her time to speak.

Kenya Police for you

Hapo ni hospital and the guys talking are security guys who rescued the victim and took him there.

Also: ferk you Turdman Kapondi for trying to portray the lady as the victim

For someone to stab you 11times just means she had pre meditated and doesn’t think twice doing it. I can understand someone stabbing a thug like 5 times defending yourself but not your husband or boyfriend. Fights zikianza kwa relationship afadhali kuondokea tu. Better exit than exit dead

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Sadly, the Blood sucking monster has stabbed her man, not just once but 11 times! And she still manages to pull the ‘Victim tag’:eek::eek:

Men should avoid starting fights with women bcz women are scared of men’s strength and will out of panic do something extreme to protect themselves. That’s free advice for you. Don’t get into a physical fight with a person who you are 5 times stronger than. Look what happened to Goliath.

Does it prevent Corona? If not, no thanks. Let me stick to panadol. News Flash:Everyone is damaged goods. TIME WOUNDS ALL HEALS.

wewe goliath alikua mwoman? unasoma bibilia ama vitabu za ibilisi

Ulifanya English Literature in seco? There’s a literary device called a metaphor. David and Goliath in this context is used as a metaphor for a physically exponentially stronger person and a weaker one. Now when a small animal is being attacked by a bigger stronger animal, it really is a matter of life and death, in the reptilian brain. Why is that? Because if the weaker animal just injures the bigger animal instead of killing it, it just aggravates the situation, so the weaker animal must go for the jugular. This is a logic very many men do not understand. They think bcz they are stronger physically they can use that to intimidate the woman, the children, whatever. And this is how men end up being killed by their wives and children. The fact that you are stronger doesn’t mean you are invisible even Lwanda Magere had a weakness, Samson had a weakness. Everyone has an Achilles heels. Real men do not fight with women and children. They pick on someone their own size and strength. Comprende amigo? When you are in a position of power, don’t abuse it, it can backfire on you.

yeah yeah, hio ni siasa unafaa ambia masponyo pia waache kudamage waschana ndo tukiwapata wasituue

Hakuna mtu atakuwa ukiwa umetulia. Mwanaume ni kukeep his cool. All you need to do is hold a woman down hadi mori ipite. No need to hit her. Yeye Hana nguvu kama wewe ni kama Kuan a vita na mtoto mdogo. Let’s avoid normalize violence. Si sio Kenya Police Service ama GSU. It’s even a very bad picture to the children.

unasema dem ako 100kg ni weaker than msee ako 35 kg?

35kg ni mtoto.

jibu swali

serena Williams number one womens tennis alishindana na number 200 in mens tennis na akachapwa mbaya sana… and the man in post match interview alisema he was holding back

hawa ni athletes of similar fitness and strengths; we are talking about average people

so kama conjestina na screwplus hivi?
hapo sasa sijui