ladies (pinkie kujeni)

Why would a full grown sane lady put up with an abusive boyfriend. The one that keeps hitting her. Why do you have to absorb that pain everyday yet there are many alternatives.?

Yesterday tukiwa tumetulia place flani na dame flani anaitwa Patricia; dame flani anaitwa Happiness alitujoin alikuwa na shades. Tulianza kuchapiana ikabaki tumemuuliza mboa akona shades na hii jua yote akadai yeye anafeel ako poa. Pattie na yeye juu ni playful akamtoa shades na hapo ndo tulijionea mambo.

Hppiness alikuwa na black eye in her right eye. Her left eye was very red. She tried lying ati ni wasee walimhanda usiku. Pattie naye akampiga kiswahili and she bore it all. Once she gets homw her boyfriend who’s supposed to love and care for her beats her up almost everyday she’s left in som much pain. he even brings women to the house and fucks them on his bed while she’s there. Happiness wasn’t happy in the relationship after all.

We then asked her why she couldn’t just leave the dude alone and she gave out some silly reasons:

She still loves him
what kind of madness is this. how can you love someone who abuses you physically and emotionally. how can you have feelinga for someon who treats you like trash in dandora dumpsite. seriously some people are not worth loving.

He has lots of money
I can agree money can keep a lady around but if it will lead to you being in pain everyday then to hell with it. don’t ever sacrifice your well-being for some pieces of paper. iyo pesa haitakusaidia kama utakuwa unaend hospital bure.

He is good in bed
Ladies can agree with me that finding a man who is a beast in bed is akin to finding a needle in a haystick. men who are beasts in bed attract all kind of female species for lifetime opportunities but that doesn’t give him the reason to turn you into his punchin bag. ladies should know right. i mean its not as if ukirudi kwenu utafukuzwa na wazazi wako.

so apparently her brother adviced her against the relationship but she was hellbent on it terming him ‘jealous’ now he regrets not listening. he said all this in midst of tears she cried mpaka nikaifeel manze. enyewe wanaume tunakoseanga madame sana. Pattie alimconsole akamshow achoree to huyo boy hayuko worth kupendwa.

Ni bahati Pattie alikuwa ingekuwa ni mimi ningemconsole alafu nimpeleke kejani threshold kwanza ifikishwe:D:D iyo ni joke lakini. hata kama ni mimi ningem advice tu ivo.

wakubwa mnaonaje hii story

Some women just love to be dominated, and at times will provoke men to beat them. It just turns them on.

Huyo Happiness ni shemale au ?? Mara she, mara he.

It starts with emotional abuse first before it gets physical. this men manipulate this women emotionally, then usually they isolate you from your loved ones. lower your esteem, ensure full domination, create fear and more. some women feel they can change a man by loving him more. Its such a sad thing coz most never leave. sadly others die.

OMG! There’s a huuuuge difference between domination and abuse.

Some want to be abused to. Whatever you call it.
Why would women push men to a corner, while they know very well, it will o ly result to a fight ?
By any chance, does this describe you by any chance.

There is a word for this shi****

“Stockholm Syndrome”.


Back in college there was this couple whereby the guy would often or rather regularly beat the chick to a pulp a few years later invited me to their wedding and I wasn’t shocked since that was their way of expressing their undying love to each other.

Better believe it, there are women who feel satisfied only when they have provoked someone into violence.
It’s kind of hard to explain or understand.

Wacha apigwe hawa mahawara huringa sana akipata boy anamlike ana anza maringo. They end up falling for guys who don’t love

Abuse, domination or whatever the terminology used thereof, ndigehota. Its not anything worth at all. Without any apologies.
‘‘Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option’’

Kwenyu shades huvaliwa usiku?
Anyway, hitting a woman is a No No No…Tell Happiness to walk away.


Only she can ji-remove from that grip. Her upbringing might have something to do with it.

Ladies can agree with me that finding a man who is a beast in bed is akin to finding a needle in a haystick.

Hapo ni true story… Nyege sijui zinapotelea wapi nowadays… Nginyo siku hizi ni kama kibarua aisee… One shot kwangu in tosha yet kuna ninja zinachapa shot tano one night

Very true, mi shot moja is enough hata nikiwa na kunguru aina gani, I think at times is not about the rounds but the quality in the round, also if you have a wife at home hii kulazimisha damme is a NO NO. Kama hataki washana naye.

You alright, sweetheart? That was all a bit mumbled. Like you’ve been let at the beverages early.

I know a lady who was pushing with a guy we used to party alot with. Girl used to work somewhere around Dubois lane kwa hizo boutique zimejazana hapo. Most evenings we would hook up with her, the boyfriend and my gal for a night of booze till late. Routine ilikuwa tunaanza poa and everyone’s happy, then suddenly from the blues dem anaanza ku provoke jamaa na kumtusi.

Once she started she was unstoppable and it always got to the point where the jamaa would beat her like a burukenge hadi atulie.
She was a really fine lass and I was genuinely concerned for her so I took time to go to her work place during the day to try and understand what they fight about, only for her to tell me that she does it on purpose and she enjoys the beatings and the sex after that is amazing!
Ili bidi nianze kuwahepa. Guy passed on a few years later na nikapea dem pole ya shoti mbili mzito in an effort to rehabilitate her

I have never fucking understood what this means…

Is it lasting longer…is it having a big Dick…is eating her pussy…is it going for 4 rounds…is it making making her squirt/orgasm…

What is " …is a beast in bed…“Good in bed…”

Am I good in bed…are u???