Ladies mbona kusumbua hivi

My girlfriend wants me to admit to her that the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning is think about her? Does this really work in real life? Nimeona huyu lady anasumbua nikahepa her useless stories

Watoto warudi shule jameni

Lesbian relationships huwa hivo

Huyo msichana anakupea conversation cues lakini unamwangusha banae. Up your game bro. Hizo replies zako ziko so straight forward it’s boring

Shots fired,man down!!! I repeat,man down!!!:D:D:D:D [SIZE=1]that was below the pelvis[/SIZE]

How old are you guys?

Me i am like 27. The girl is like 21

Understandable, she is in love and you are not.

Acha kutusumbua, next mtaanza kushare bra na yeye noogle

Take her back to her dress making course

What do u mean…

hiyo tu ni kumbaffu ya muschana yenye ata haijui kingereza.

Young man, this is a smitten young girl, being romantic, you are not noticing that?

From where I stand… that’s utter hogwash…get something serious to give you stress

So u mean I should always do as he wishes… I let her take the control

Pea yeye mimba.

:D:D:D:D:Dbe nice jamaa…usiweke watu depression na hii economy…

Unakuliwa mtu wewe!! Mbona anaenda mapema?? Na alisema shemeji after lunch anaingia job!!


Why are you like 27 and not 27???