Ladies let's talk Dry spot or is it dry spell

This is one area that I have the most expertise in here and very proudly so. Sometimes back my haters were like you need that thing in between men’s legs that gives women problems so that you can stop being bitter and become a door mat like most women.

But enough about me, I have noticed this dry spell in women forums but the funny part is that it is always a precursor to a crisis. Like I went kutoa kutu after dry spell then in the morning the guy left me there, I was looking for something and I found meditation that looked like ARVs. I am actually feeling sick, where do I get Prep or is it Pep.

A doctor friend of mine told me those meds have very bad side effects. Sasa warembo why are you competing with men in trying to catch venerial diseases ati in the name of dry spell. Ati you missed sex so you went and had sex with no protection maybe you felt you were too dry to wear protection.

This is even worse when you are doing it in the name of feminism and being sex positive. The equity feminism pursues is not in doing the bad things men do. So that we say that if 90% of people on death row are men so in the spirit of equality let’s murder more people as women so that at least we make 20% of death row inmates. What we want are the good things men have access to disproportionately not HIV and Herpes.

I don’t focus on the aspects of feminism that I don’t agree with like pro choice but this thing of dry spot or dry spell is actually endangering women’s lives so I have to adress it. I saw another one talking about picking up a complete stranger in a club, doing the worst all night or what was left of the night, in the morning the guy wanted to take a shower in her house she refused ati she doesn’t like strangers in her shower. Sasa you don’t want strangers in your shower but you don’t mind them in your body. Your one and only irreplaceable body. Yaani that is how little women nowadays value themselves. They value their shower more than themselves, their bodies and their dignity.

Its actually a catastrophe of unfathomable proportion. Feminists can we go back to being custodians of morals. Let us not compete with men on behaving like animals on heat. Animals do not have stds. Only foot and mouth disease. Do you realize that you can lie down when you are negative of any std and rise out of that bed with HPV which causes cancer, hiv, herpes and any other incurable even hepatitis even if you use condoms. Manze sex is not a sport, ama a dish ati I’ve missed fish leo wacha niende Kosewe nikule samaki. This is something that can become a matter of life and death which you can not reverse in a matter of seconds.

I think there’s a demonic wave with this dry spell movement which women have decided to join. My friend do you want to die early like men? Why do you think women outlive men by about 10 years in spite of giving birth, carrying pregnancy, bleeding for an average of 1200 days in a lifetime and breastfeeding and taking class 1 carcinogenic pills equivalent to working in an asbestos factory? It’s simply because men are wreckless and careless and engage in very dangerous and risky pursuits impulsively without self restraints. Is that what you want for yourself as a woman? It’s time to wake up very first, this is a matter of life and death and you are engaging in it casually as if you are drinking a soda? Shauri yenu. Shindeni hapo mukiniambia I’m very theoretical, you and those your practicality you will all die from your lunacy and foolishness and leave me here. Women style up. Mambo za dry spot na kutoa kutu please leave it to men, they are the disposable gender so hata wakingia kwa shimo of these bad bad diseases too bad but life will move on.

Let me tell you about these men you are trying to be like. These men you look up to ati we want to be as sexually liberated as men. If male sexuality is what liberation is about please put me in solitary confinement not for the rest of my life but for eternity.

Don’t take my word for it. Go to a youtube channel called soft white under belly and another called Chosen Won. Go look at the prostitutes who are there. The worst part about it is that they say most of their clients are even married. Those women have no teeth, they look sick like final stages of AIDS sick, majority are drug addicts. I even saw one with a huge wound on her face and she was still being picked left, right and center by men in very nice cars. To make it worse now they are men who look like women transgender also in the mix. Yaani a very masculine man trying to look like a woman, in one interview I heard a straight guy with a family say oral sex from a man is the bomb because of the jawline of men, yaani even a snake if it had no fangs a man would do the nasty in it, juzi I posted a young black man caught on camera engaging with a horse yes Farasi, others donkeys, sheep, chicken name it. Is this now what women are striving for? Aspiring to? Behaving like a sex crazed deranged monstrosity? Come on we can do better than becoming like men. When it comes to sexuality there’s nothing in men to look upto or aspire because many of them go even lower than what animals will do. You will not find male animals lining up to mount one female at the same time one after the other. So even animals are more dignified than men in their sexuality but if you want to be like them, carry on. From one low in depravity to the next it’s a free fall once you start to act like a man, you will find yourself in a downward spiral like nothing you could have imagined. My advice to you is don’t start. Or if you have started stop nothing good will come of it. NOTHING. Don’t open pandoras box. Pambana na dry spot yako don’t fall in to depravity in pursuit of something that is an illusion. The road to hell is paved with kutoa kutu and dry spell.

I endorse this message

The natural instinct to reproduce overrides the fear of diseases… Unfortunately!

Is that why abortion industry is the biggest money maker? Please let’s not blame instincts for poor choices, the difference between an animal and a human being is that humans think before following their instincts. It is just a choice to be careless and irresponsible and not to engage your oblongata medulla. I don’t accept this excuses because I have lived long enough to know a human with convictions is a strong animal. The problem is when you choose not to reason, not to have convictions bcz it’s still a choice when you choose to self destruct.

Human beings easily get demonized… and that is why we have all those odd behaviours like gay, lesbian, young men fcking older post-menapausal women, beastaility, etc… when a human being loses control of themselves, it does not matter! They are finished! AIDS has been here with us for close to 40 years… How has this stopped population growth? Finally, I was also very very critical of some things and took a very long time before accepting to dry fry a woman and have kids because of the risks involved because she could still stray and bring diseases to me as we all know. I learnt that it is not too good to be clever for nature… one has to be intelligent but let nature take its course.

Let this disease catch you is when you will know it has nothing to do with population growth. It is a living hell. Don’t be fooled you live a long life of endless diseases.

I meant dry frying my wife not any other woman… I bet that those who were born in the seventies and earlier are well aware of the effects of this disease… the others who came after were too young to understand the stigma associated with it… and nowadays people do not have to die from it as was there then in early nineties… so the fear is no longer there as it was then… some of the kids born in 90s were born with it and have survived…