Ladies of Ktalk, as we all know kuna some two very handsome brothers , who might be going to jail for the next atleast 10 years for drugging and gangraping a girl who happens to be a very talented muscian till she got pregnant. So Pleas ladies take out your wallets, these guys really need us, I mean our money. Nitaweka Paybill shortly.

You may be wondering what we are contributing for, isnt it obvious ladies???

KY Jelly that could last for atleast 10 years


You got an evil mind and it’s only the three of them who know with certainty what transpired in that house/apartment or whatever.

Ambition ya kukukamua bado iko juu

Mama, some of those ladies wakutaka kukamuliwa then they call it rape they are still here amongst us. give us a signal mama.

Bitch had no issues until she got pregnant ! This is lynch mob ! If justice is followed those 2 guys are going no where as for the ky-jelly save it for your dry cunt !

Don’t celebrate yet, the Belfast rape trial ended badly.Same scenario. Two rugby players ,one gal. She cried rape, they said it was consensual and they won.

No medical report. No corroborating witnesses. I doubt the case will even go for defence hearing.

False rape accusations should carry the same sentence as rape

Akina @pamba pia wamezidi na offense details . “jointly and unlawfully caused their penis to penetrate the vagina of W.A without her consent” . si mseme tu “carnal knowledge”


So they share a penis??

That’s a defective charge.
Any competent lawyer can have it thrown out.

Its so bad that you are punishing innocent people coz of your actions just because no one took responsibility for the pregnancy… I mean no one would have accepted it anyway since you are a cheap whore.

Do you know the ingredients of gang rape?

Two or more penises involved not one.

I concur with you ,you can’t charge a person with rape/gang rape without an alternative charge of indecent assault.

he he…hiyo dong ni ya co-operative au?

:Dkuna soup ilipikwamahali au ni congee?

You know how to coin words mwalimu , the question should be how do you prove gang rape and where do you get your witness in that matter,naona kunguru alikuliwa dry fry akatupwa na ndugu mafisi ,wacha niulize bond terms wamepewa.

Utamu walisikia na nani?

Dont insult me pls, am not the one who told them to go on a night of sexual debauchery. Dont yall know that the wages of sin is death. The devil himself is working on this case,he has vested interest in their landing in jail. If they had stayed at home with their families like I do or kept it normal, they wouldnt be in the mess theyre in . The devil is like a roaring lion looking for who he may devour, if you avail yourself thru debauchery , he will go for the jugular. Your entire life ruined over one night ? Hope it’ll be a lesson to those who forget that Satan is real and the sweeter the bait, the harder the fall.