Ladies, ladies, LADIES what did we say about traveling to go meet men? Fare kula but not more than 3 times

Stay home. Stay safe. Kuna human and sex trafficking not to mention Covid 19. No going more than 5 kms radius to meet anybody. Kama unakaa Rongai, call the person to come for nyamchom. It’s so unladylike and masculine to travel to meet men. Please ladies can we stop this. Especially public transport, unapanda ndege to go meet a man na hii Corona. I don’t know where this kind of desperation is from. Demonic spirit from hell. You are an asset wherever you are as a woman. Mwanamke Hana hasara. Mwanamke ni gharama. Why should you cheapen yourself? Why? Me I believe that I am a princess, an apple of my heavenly Father’s eye and that’s how I am. And for sure I don’t know this problems of men, anymore than I know Russian. Shida za kujitafutia. God never created Eve to look for Adam, to work for Adam, to be a work mule for Adam. You are doing things opposite and that’s called homosexuality. Stop already. It’s never too late to be the woman of worth God created you to be. Daughters look like their Daddy and are beloved to their Father, mulling for men, traveling to see men, taking loans for men, giving birth and having sex with men who have invested and committed to you. It does not reflect the dignity of your Father, God.

Come and say that here once you hit 40.

The wall is undefeated. It leaves no prisoners.