Ladies itabidi muwache hizi dating sites sasa ni dates in public coz these chimpanzees you are not even safe in your own house

Pole mum.



Client W, 27 year old lady.
Single , has her own business in Nairobi.

She reports that she met a man on a dating site called Tagged. The man she met was called John Matara.

They met on the 16th of May, 2023. They talked for a few days before they met.He insisted that they needed to meet at night at his place. He offered to order her an Uber to his place but she declined and he got angry and hung up on her.He later called her and asked if she lives alone. He said he was currently living in Membley and he was based in the UK. He said that he was scheduled to travel at 3:00 a.m. that night. So if they could have dinner at her place as they get to know each other better.

At the time she was living in Kahawa Wendani. The fateful night he came to visit the lights went out, since they were using a candle and her torch on her phone.Her sister called and they talked in luhya and he was concerned and asked her to put the phone on silent to reduce interruptions. He requested to use the washroom. During that time she peeked at a bag that he had. It had a container of rice, a bottle of juice and a can of beer. He had a long coat which looked like it had heavy things inside. He kept insisting that her house looked big and nice as he walked around. He said it was spacious and he would want to move to a house like that once he came back to visit the country. He kept asking how much she paid for the house.

He enquired if she knew a place around where they sold bhang. She was shocked and told him that he did not know any place.She reported he was nice to her and looked humble and could not sense any sign of danger. He requested to use the washroom again. He sat on the toilet seat and asked her to get him tissue.She requested him to shut the door but he was not happy and laughed sarcastically. “ Alikuwa anaangalia rooms zote kuhakikisha hakuna mtu.

He claimed that women from Nairobi would often lie that they were single but their boyfriends would then come and cause harm to anyone else in the house. He locked the door himself and went back to the bedroom and she followed him to ask him why he was using the bedroom. He instead asked for the time so he wouldn’t run late for his flight. Before she could check her phone he grabbed her neck and she fell backward he strangled her and she couldn’t even make a sound. “ Nikijaribu kumsukuma na miguu tukaanguka chini lakini hakuacha kunishika shingo.Usijaribu kulia na akanichapa ngumi tatu macho yangu ya left, singeona.”He then dragged her to the living room

He then asked her to stand. He took a white table charger and wrapped it around her neck. Her eye was bleeding. He demanded her to show her where everything was in the house. He kept asking how she did not have condoms and whenever she said she did not have he would slap her. He took her back to the bedroom and locked the door. Hiccups searched for condoms in hard drugs but he could not find them. He asked her to kneel on the bed in falls after forcing her to remove her dress.

He was still dressed. He removed the condom from his pocket.All this time he kept asking her to part her legs widely. “ Alikuwa akinipiga makofi.” a condom on his right hand and put his whole hand into her vagina, two fingers then a whole fist. She kept writhing in pain but he kept slapping her asking her not to move. He kept asking her to face the ceiling and not look at him. She started crying to God but he asked her not to open her mouth or even mention God. He kept pulling her vaginal muscles and she thought she would die.

He then commanded her to turn very quickly and bending her over this was after he had inspected her anus. He removed the condom from his hand and wore a condom on his penis and he sodomized her mercilessly. She reported that it was a struggle and he kept slapping her back asking her to stay steady. He asked her to lay on her stomach and kept sodomizing her. He kept forcing her to moan like she was enjoying it. He took so long to ejaculate and the pain was extremely excruciating.

He tied her hands with a cable and tied her to the bed and took two black ropes from his cord which were very soft. He took two tops from her wardrobe that were stretchy and tied her hands again.He took another top and tied her mouth in a way that she could not talk.Her hands were numb since blood couldn’t flow. Then put her phone close to her but she couldn’t hold it he kept asking for the pin for her mobile banking app. QHe tied her legs up together with a hoodie.He asked whether she had cash money in the house.” Sina pesa, nilikuwa na 30k ya kulipia brother yangu school fees.”He withdraw money from mshwari and sent it to herpesa and then sent it to himself, 18, 300.

He placed three knives close to her which were not kitchen knives since they had holes.He also had a small black gun. “ Nimekosa chupa Kwa hii nyumba ningeingiza kwa kuma yako.Nakustab saa hii, naweza kuua tu saa hii, no dakika moja.”He kept threatening her and she remained silent since he had a knife. He went through the dating app and went through her logs. She had informed him that she was an orphan while he asked the call log he found someone saved mom and he beat her up.

He later found money and he was rough and she couldn’t respond. He took away her passport.She was in so much pain since her right hand was too tight. He went to the sitting room and sat on the couch eating. He kept threatening her and kept checking up on how to ensure that she was not moving. She could not talk or walk. “ Alikuwa anatembea tembea kwa nyumba.”

She had to point to him the gate key. He took the bunch of keys and asked which one it was; she could only turn her head to respond. “ Ukijaribu kumove nitakustab.”Before he left his he came to her and said, “ Babe uko Sawa.” this was the only time he was nice to her. He slowly opened the door and left. She could only see the reflection of the candle light. She continued moving but no one was approaching even when she made the mum noises. She tried to move from bed but it was so difficult.

She kept turning her head to remove the band around her mouth by applying sunlight on it for it to lower. It was a real struggle; she kept trying to scream, calling out the guard for help. “ Nakufa, kujeni mnisaidie.” It was around 2:00 a.m, she tried asking out for help for about 30 minutes. People from the road had her and shortly found out this later. “ Niokoe nakufa.Kuna mtu analia alafu ananyamaza.”

The guard went close to her house close to her door and listened as she tried to ask for help. The dog was not locked and the house was dark and the one had no lights. He was shocked and said he couldn’t help. He called the caretaker and did not even turn on the lights. We took a blanket and covered her. He helped her untie her. He took a knife and cut the rope and then later cut the cords and removed the band from her mouth.

She dragged herself to the bathroom so painful she couldn’t even bend. She peed while standing. She then started bleeding. She went to the police but she could hardly see. The police were so concerned about her they wrote an OB and sent her to Hospital. She went to the bank and closed the ATM cards. She went to huduma center to get a waiting card for her to register a line. She was still bleeding heavily at this point.

She went to a chemist and they called a hospital ambulance and helped her. Taken to MSF Mathare. She was treated and they took the bloody clothes since you had not showered. They examined her and asked her to go get a P3. She went to the hospital the next day for the hospital reports. The recovered sperms from the anus.She suspects the condom burst. The police did not follow up on the case until the case of Scarlet was aired.

She was so shocked when she saw him in the industrial area. She couldn’t hold back her tears. “ Wewe ulikuwa unataka kuuniua.” She was happy that he was arrested. He also said that he knew her and said that all the things that she said were true.His response to the atrocities was, “ Hii pesa niliagree na huyu mrembo, ni malaya.Alikuwa anilipe tulale na yeye.Tulikuwa tumeagree tufanye bonding sex.”

She was the first victim at Ruiru courts. He pleaded not guilty. On Tuesday she’s scheduled to go to the kenyatta hospital for DNA test samples and take saliva samples. She’s scared that if he would be released on bond he would hurt her.

The client was offered PFA.She was requested to share the hospital documents. She was scheduled for a consecutive session.


Dating apps is not the problem. Who meets a man on the first date at her house. You very well know what’s planned after the meal.


She has very low situational awareness. Most women will outright walk on foot in korogocho without a second thought at night using their iphone to light the way.

There were many red flags she ignored or could not understand since she was blinded by the potential money he was giving her


He deserves to hang, he earned it. Wanawake pia wawe careful. Your home is a place you should preserve for very few people, those who really matter, like family members, and a very select circle of friends. Even as a man, how does someone I met a little while back online end up in my house? Kwangu unakuja kufanya nini, let’s meet elsewhere.


You know that story has huge gaps. Naturally, a woman’s safest place is her home. She would never invite you unless you have broken the sexual security barrier. In fact, a woman’s choice for the first sexual encounter is always her house. The missing info here is the agreed price. A man, even a predator, will not come to your home and start asking you outright about condoms. Kwani discussion turned sexual within minutes of reaching the house?

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Good question, the story is both foggy and atrocious. Still, the man is guilty of serious felonies, including rape, physical assault and robbery with violence. From these he mustn’t escape. If he ever gets out of prison walls he should be so old as to crawl out like a snake.

It’s the same script done to several women. They do not report because it will reveal their personal conduct. Yes there’s a mode of savageness to it, pointing to a real sexual predator, who now does it for a living. In my opinion it shouldn’t even warrant a trial. Just drop the guy from an apartment in Kasarani.


mkamba mshamba illiterate maskini mtoto wa malaya @PERDITION , kwani sperms hukaa kwa mkundu yako for how many days ?

Would be desirable, if only we could tweak the law on serious crime in that very practical direction, as we have conveniently done with other laws.

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Does it mean that if a woman is a sex worker she deserves molestation? I don’t get your thinking.

The women put themselves in grave danger. They are whitewashing the details.

Hio maswali uliza Yule kijana yako mwenda wazim clichy ukimfungua boot na kidole, kumbafff