Ladies if you want kids so badly just go to a sperm bank don't force a man to be a dad

Women at times. Hata kama ni desperation, what are you doing sleeping with a man who is living with another woman to the point of getting pregnant and you know how these men can do anything to avoid paying child support. And this is why I say wait till you are married to have sex, because it will make you irrational and crazy. How else can you explain this kind of behavior. You can’t just go out and get pregnant for any man because you are feeling you want a baby there has to be mutual consent. Even if it was accidental, what was she doing laying down with this man? These men are psychos and these cases are becoming too many bcz men do not want to be bogged down with child support payments for 18 years it makes more sense to them to kill the pregnant woman and spend the rest of their lives slaving for the government than 18 years slaving for their own child. Go to a freaking sperm bank if you want a baby so bad. Murder by baby daddy is now the highest killer of pregnant women. Ladies we can do better. You can’t force a baby on a man. Married pregnant women are also killed by husbands like Laci Peterson and Shannon Watts but at least it’s not as frequent as among unmarried men. These men are dangerous. Keep off them and you will live long. RIP.

I think this would apply to the few who want total independence from men… my observation is that there is a very high probability of getting a woman who wants my baby so that she can be financially dependent on me.

ofcourse ladies want kids inorder to enjoy resources from the kids father

That is going against nature. In animal kingdom its the maled to chase female to get pregnant for him then after several suitors the female picks the most suitable according to them. As old as I am I have never looked at a man thought I need to get pregnant for this man or the other. It’s never crossed my mind. It’s always men who will tell you that you can be a good mother for his children. I swear. No night have I slept having thought, I need to get pregnant for this or the other man. NEVER. Even marriage I’ve never thought of marriage, it’s the men pressuring me, when will I meet your parents, don’t you want to get married blah blah. What is the problem with women nowadays? Which money is this that you can’t provide, these men are not millionaires. There’s no case I have seen where the man is so wealthy. That getting pregnant for him will be hitting a jackpot. Nowadays women are the ones marrying men, chasing men for pregnancy. Nijikute.

But which resources? This man already has another family. He’s a basic guy no millionaire. So how much child support can he even pay? I think women atimes don’t even do hesabu. At least if it’s resources you want get a wealthy person not a married broke man.

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