Ladies if you are thinking of building up a broke man you need to watch this true story of Betty Broderick

A woman supports her family and puts her husband through law school, after he becomes successful, he leaves her for a younger woman, his receptionist. Never on your life should you ever build a man. Soon as you do, you become his mother and he starts looking for a woman he can build.

He is not every man, and every man isn’t him. Si unachukia wanaume Capote?

kapote has laser focus on painting men as devils

Sasa mimi na nyinyi munashindanga mukiongea shit about Wana wake huku nani ako na chuki zidi mwingine? Wivu tuu na chuki, for me, I give facts and true case scenario sio kutusi watu for no good reason like you men. I know women should not say anything especially the truth about men unless she wants to be called a hater but ukweli ni ukweli. This cases are too many of women helping men come up then being dumped afterwards. There’s even a term for it, the come up woman.

A woman does not know who is the good or bad guy until it’s too late so the best thing, the wise thing is to minimize liability by not investing time, energy and money in men. Instead save yourself and your kids if you are in a marriage those are the only ones deserving of your help not a man. A man is supposed to sort himself then come to sort you and your kids. This ideology of supporting men I don’t know where it came from and it always ends badly. It goes against nature and even the intent of God creating a man.

We si ulifukuza Bibi na hii Corona isn’t that devilish? Men are devil’s. Look at crime statistics uniambie how many women you see there, almost all are men, jela imejaa wanaume, even hell will be full of men. Hakuna haja tudanganyane, call a spade a spade. Men are no good demons with the exception of a few.

Social media is a scourge, YouTube is making people dumber…Someone is supposed to make a lifelong decision based on 10 hours of editing?

Can’t date a broke guy, he will leave you when he makes it.
Cant date that out going girl, she’s been around the block.
Cant date that fat chic, she’ll make you look bad in front of your boys
Cant trust any man since your ex fvcked your kid sister…

As you sit and wait for that perfect person to bother your contacts with on your TL don’t forget to live,
When you whine about how relationships don’t work, or how hard your ex will hit the wall don’t forget to live.

Time is moving or worse still “momento mori”

If you’ve chosen to live a life fighting the demons of your past, don’t drag others into your misery…your lost battles.

Get over what broke you and stop being a wuss. This life is for living!!!

Hi Danji? You’re quite an old talker and if I remember well in 2016 you claimed bado haujaoa. Have you finally settled? If not, tell us what’s your strategy.

Being wise, having standards for what you will allow into your life and exercising self restraint isn’t being a wuss. And learning from the bad experiences of others is what wise people do. Experience is the worst teacher. Thank God for social media it’s taught us alot about life that our parents never could. Life is for living, not for dying slowly in miserable relationshits because of poor choices made out of ignorance and lack of experience. Time is moving, that’s why you can’t afford to waste your time on people who don’t deserve it. Your life is too precious for that. Instead people especially women allow time to pressure them into bad relationships with undeserving men who end up making their lives miserable. Many of my married friends have ulcers they acquired post marriage . My single friends don’t. Maybe if those with ulcers had seen some of these videos they would have made better choices in mate selection or even have stayed single. Instead of living such a stressful life in the name of marriage that it makes them physically ill. I don’t know if life is for leaving and stop being a wuss means that the person you give your life to is giving you ulcers in exchange for all your sacrifice. The demons of others past, the lost battles of others and what broke others is saving so many from falling into the same pits thanks to social media ‘dragging’ us into their misery so that we can escape and be spared of similar misery. I love social media. It’s changed my life for the better. I only wish that it had been there earlier on, it’d have educated me on so much.Probably have saved me alot of misery.

Same case applies to women

BS. Women have been doing this to men all along. Nothing new.

Hi. Bado sijaoa. I got addicted to my own space. Maybe some day I’ll marry. Sina haraka.

Sasa mtu akisema ukweli it’s hate? I don’t make up these cases, they’re true stories about real people. Men hushinda hapa complaining about women, talking ill about women. Why do you never tell them that they hate women? Anyway, haijalishi what you think of me, mine ni kuhamasisha women to be careful when dealing with these species called Adam. How many times have yall told me I hate men, you are not getting it that it’s not working to silence me as it does for other weak women who always on men’s side ndio wapendwe na wanaume hawajui kwa internet? For me, hata mukinipenda musinipende it’s of no consequence after all hamunilishi, so the same way yall warn each other about women hadi muko na mgtow, red peels, books on how evil women are, how to use and dump them, is how I will never ever stop being on women’s side. Women are good people and they deserve better than to be taken advantage of because of their good nature. I’m personally tired of stories like this that are full everywhere. Women need to wake up and build themselves not men. Afterall hata huku men say that they will not educate their wives out of fear of being left afterwards.

Na mtoto, si unazeeka buana?

Life is for living? Some like Monica Kuria, Dr Ivy Wangeci, Tecra Mungai have no life left to live because they never familiarized themselves with the harsh realities of life. They were not fighting any past demons so they were debonair in their dealings with men. I thank God for the internet because it will save many lives. As we go into the world we know very little but other people’s mistakes in life can save us alot of heartache, save us from jail and even death. Maybe if these 3 ladies had become skeptical of men after watching a few edited videos they would still be alive today bcz even the Bible says there’s nothing new under the sun, anything you go through has happened to another person before you. Better to be fighting demons than to be dead. Or in Mathare because your husband impregnated your sister and you had given him your heart 300%.There’s many such cases btw. Women who lost their mind after being betrayed by husbands. Knowledge is power and ignorance isn’t bliss. Let’s encourage one another to be careful through such stories. It’s a good thing.

Si umzalie mapacha boss

You won’t find me bashing women and hating on them. As you awaken women, why don’t you also chanua men about that issue. Tell the women to also be good. No being silenced. Your message is mainly: men are evil, women are innocent angels who would be in heaven if the trumpet is heard right now. You are blind to evils committed by women. You mean demons are getting born everyday and they are all men? That’s a twisted doctrine you’re broadcasting. I’ve seen nastiness done by women and the truth is there are as many evil women as men, and as many good men as women. We can’t escape that truth. It’s improper to generalize a whole half of the human race as something that wasn’t made at the Garden of Eden. It’s easy to see hate from both men and women, and more hate won’t solve anything.

I’m still very young buana.

Statistics say 99.99% of all murders and crimes are committed by men. So the evil quotient is nowhere near equal among the genders. If we are to use those statistics it means that the demons are the men and the women are the angels that heaven will be full of. It’s not hate, it’s just facts. Anyway society is man centric and being a decent human being especially as a man is portrayed as being weak, so men just follow the script. That’s all.