Ladies... I desperately need your input/advise

Whenever I go shopping my woman will be like; “swrry, na usisahau… carrots na cucmbers ukifika kwa groceries section… Na umek sure nizile refu na nono pia” (with her slang-twang almost all Nai ladies have adopted huh!)

So my issue is, venye yeye u-describe those two things leaves me kinda hanging on mid-air:confused::eek:… I believe she fancies men with longer and wide girth to their d3kiz.

I am now thinking of going for the d3ki enlargement taptaps and try see if I can add a few extra length n uzito to my ka-guy:rolleyes: Ladies, does size really matter or it is a myth?? Your advise are welcome please…:frowning: #desperado



… Smile yako, you must be cousins na yeye baus :D:D:D

It matters. Pole am not a lady but from my encounter with them, I know they love a Loong D.

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Woi!! :confused::mad::(…

Thanks anyway.

Ask your mwoman na uache kutusumbua hapa.



Just use what you have effectively rather than trying to change God’s work

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Most of you village gukas hamuwezi ata aamsha jembe so ata sijui unchangia under what capacity lollz!


Hung like a moose bro, so I can’t relate. But let us know what you find out :smiley:


Thanks a lot… That makes me feel quite manly!

Haha!! Will sure do bruh.

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Gitunguru no mukarangire. Translation :onion is the style of flying. Kufa osungu. dll


… Unfortunately so bruh, it is a bitter pill to swallow but I realized wangu anaeza ata kuwa ananichezea shuffle ju kago ya-mine si hizi zimetokea #giant:mad:


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… Enyewe, I gotta go back to my ofisi, let’s talk about this issue on a rather serious note.
I am quite certain I am not the only dude suffering out there cos the new giant d3kiz are known to have the strength and tenacity to even separate lovers of long-standing status.
Kikiumana, I would like to know which are the best d3kiz enlargment pills out there that are safe and not exuberantly expensive.

Thanks guys… Kimoja!

Iza joh…no one chooses what he possesses. However, the good news is that Money can cover for what is lacking…hehehe :D:D

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Team patco.

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Come nikupe Long D A.K.A Heat seeking missile


how about if she meets someone with Money and is hung like a moose? :smiley:

I would advice that he practices celibacy or even becomes a Buddhist monk. Its brutal out there


Haha pwagu kapata pwaguzi. Hapa itabidi tu akubali matokeo that mrembo anaeza kuwa anapata kitombeo kwingine.

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