Ladies here is how to avoid being the come up woman for broke men

Well, hell, men can really speak their mind once they have some money. A guy is trending for mocking the woman who was with him helping him when he was broke. He said now that he has some money she thinks that finally enjoy the fruits of her hardwork for him he can’t wait to be with the women who are really his type now that he can afford them. The truth about what men really think about sugar mommies comes out through the honesty of a man who was once broke and pretending to be humble and loving to get helped but now is leaving for the woman of his dreams bcz he’s no longer broke he can afford what he really wants . He proudly acknowledges that to get his type he knows he first needs to bring resources to the table and be the provider in the relationship. When a man wants to use you is the only time he sees you as a gold digger for expecting him to provide . Otherwise he is very proud to be the provider in the relationship.

Why do you keep assuming there are other women here besides you and that mod lady

Malisa hii coon


I’m genuinely curious honestly because this place is a dessert when it comes to female presence

Maybe that’s why most users here are bordering retardation

True.I wonder if she’s actually a woman or just a troll.

Nkatha utazeekea kwenu

That’s a bad thing kama kwenu ni Kubaya. Si unaona Ngina Hana haraka ya kwenda kutafuta shida, amerelax kwao.

Hue hue hueee Ngina is not an ordinary kenyan. She is one percent of the percent of the global population. Not only does her family have unreachable economic might, they also have extensive political influence. She is no ordinary Kenya, and there are not any worthy suitors for her. Her trial in Holland messed up her chances to study at an international school and bag a good husband since no one wanted to risk their family name for a suspected war criminal at the time. WE never discuss the impact that Uhuru’s trial at the ICC had on his children. I hope they got therapy, since they can clearly afford it. Otherwise they will keep making wonky choices like his eldest son marrying some floppy boobed woman. Na bado hawana mtoi

Its their choice to make not yours. The slum dweller and his 15 children wishes just for a day he would be that eldest son. He can afford his wonky choices. If they do not bother him why do they bother you? Don’t you have enough problems of your own before you start thinking about what problems the president’s children have?

The slam dweller with 15 children is a moron. Kibaki, our highest achieving economist has always blamed excessive child bearing for henerational poverty. There’s no benefit to having 15 children.


There’s a correlation between poverty and not using birth control. Those people have so many kids.