Ladies don't fall into the trap of dating single fathers

If you want to be a priority don’t date men with children

There is nothing like single fathers

And they have poorer health and die sooner…

but the moment we say that a man should never involve herself in dating a singo matha there is a worldwide uproar in her defense…

Yours is bashing and stigmatization, this is a warning. There’s a difference. We laud all involved dad’s, it’s better to be a single dad than a dead beat bcz there’s so many irresponsible dad’s pretending to be single childfree.

I agree 1 million percent. I dated a few in my singleton days as I like an older man and there are plenty of single dads to go round. Mieeeeeeen they cancel your dates as soon as baby mamma calls to say JNR is unwell, sometimes he wants to see you and it is his turn to have the kids so unawekwa kwa plan and you are expected to cope na hauna watoi, mnaenda McDonald’s for a meal…you spend time providing therapy listening to how baby mama was cruella the witch, dare you ask ‘and what did you do to her since it takes two to tango’…weeeeeeeeeeh utasikia praises about himself mpaka you just cook excuses to head home. The kids don’t accept you easily, they watch your every move and quite rightly so. There was a time we went out for a meal and the dude ordered a different drink for me…so he tasted it first and one kid started rolling her eyes…V tiring irritating business. But these are the responsible dads, not dead beats.

No go area unless you have kids too.

Igwe ngoma!!!