Ladies be very honest does this guy look like he can pay even 5k for sex?

Check the hair, beard, lips and eyes. Ata anakaa tuu mgonjwa. It’s now emerging that he might even be gey as he was sodomising women. Ladies ukikutana na mwanaume uone ako hivi don’t force yourself to be with him ati bcz you went to the trouble of meeting him. Just say you are making a call outside and get a cab.

At this rate of obsession, chunga you don’t fall in love with this guy. You know you find the most innocent women have fallen in love with serial killers, while they are in jail. Some of them even left their husbands. Some of those killers get hundreds of love letters a week. You wonder what they will do with someone with a life sentence, and whom when they visit, have to seat across each other with a bullet proof glass between them .


If it was falling in love, I would have fallen for Jeffrey Dahmer whose case I had followed obsessively for the longest. I was the same way about Mackenzie, Ted Bundy, Rex Heuermann, Warunge and even Jowie. It’s called being a true crime buff. I am obsessed with crime and criminals. I have read and watched every thing on Jeffrey Dahmer including comic books. It keeps me paranoid and safe. I don’t date bad boys bcz I have enough adrenaline rush from following criminals. Currently I am watching a documentary on HBO about a woman who was obsessed with the golden state killer and she was able to crack the case when police had been defeated.