Ladies an abusive/toxic father isn't better than No father

How can you leave your child in the hands of a man who has ever stabbed you and who threatened to kill you until you moved out of his house? This narrative of how kids need a father and fathers are important regardless of the quality of the father, will destroy many lives. There’s no way you can coparent with a psycho. Get sole custody . If you are afraid of a man how do you live a 2 year old with him ati he’s the father he can’t harm the child ati the child needs her father. If he was such a great father he would have also been good to you the mother so that you stay together and the child has a complete family. The fact that he did not care about you as the mother of his child told you everything you needed to know about him. Let’s normalise single motherhood when we discover that the men in our lives are not even worthy to be called fathers of our children. Courts should award sole custody to single mothers to protect the child. I don’t understand why a child should miss church to go spend time with such a toxic and dangerous father.Tuache kuvumilia abuse and let’s normalise single motherhood. If a man isn’t good for you as an adult how will he be good for a toddler. Please if you don’t love yourself enough to remove such men from your life. Do it for your child. You should never be threatened by a man to take your kid to him. Yaani you are doing it out of fear. Nothing good can come out of such situations.


The question is Why do these women drive men nuts?

Let me tell you @Simiyu22 so many women are trying very hard to coparent with terrible men bcz of wanting their kids to have a father bcz of the stigma behind single motherhood. If single motherhood was normalised this woman would have left this toxic relationship kitambo, she says a year ago the man stabbed her, so why did she stay with him still until the violence became unbearable. Is that a good environment for a child in their formative years? You see just bcz you have a child with a man it’s not guaranteed that you should have acess to child when you are a toxic father. The entitlement men have in a patriarchal society is very toxic. As a man you want privilege of having your kids but you don’t want responsibility once you part ways. Now this man killed this child and stabbed her mom just coz he could not see her on her birthday which was bcz the mom wasn’t available. This woman should have left this guy completely and normalised single motherhood. I don’t understand how you leave your child with a man who has stabbed you before ati coparenting that’s completely insane. No wonder this child ended up dead.

Nobody can drive you nuts enough for you to burn your own child to death. Nothing and nobody. That is on you 100%