Lackluster Performance

There is something I have been observing for a while, that is whenever I smoke(cigarettes) then go kuchukua slices I don’t perform as per the village standards/legend/fable. Nikiwa sober free from the influence of nicotine, tar and a “multitude of other components”, I am ok in bed.
This alone should be enough motivation to quit smoking, but there are some demons you never pick a fight with, because you will obviously lose. Choose your battles wisely!
Nowadays I don’t engage in coitus on weekends, because that’s when I consume the most tobacco, na sipendagi aibu ndogo ndogo, my mantra is “Threshold ifikishwe or no pussy at all!”

You have become old/unfit. Physically fit people perform regardless of their state.

@Mzee mzima yani una-underperform na hujakikisha 25 years. You are an embarrassment to your race.

I thought Smoking triggers Nitric Oxide in the body which in return should increase your libido.
Quitting smoking, lowers your Nitric Oxide levels hence, one start adding weight.
Check your alcohol levels, i might be wrong though.

Hehe ghaseer. ukijua miaka zangu, hata haungenikashifu!

Remember I also chew Khat! Could this be the problem as mainstream media alleges?

I now weigh close to 80 kgs, I used to be a skinny dude and worked so hard to reach where I am now on the scales. Naona morning runs itabidi niweke mpangoni

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D shit shit shit :D:D

SV tokomea!

:smiley: no wonder game yako iko down bed…kutumia short forms like SV…

Its been ages since i saw a smoker…People still smoke?

Listen son, you don’t owe any bitch world class strokes. As long as you cum you are good. If she didn’t cum that’s her own problem. It’s 2019, everyone should work for their own nut.

Haha ghaseer, iyo ni low blow!!

Thanks man for the wise words! They deserve what they work for.

We are the resistance, we still exist

Much wisdom

I’m not much aware about khat and libido.

Ukishindwa Na kazi utasaidiwa na watch man

Ukishinda Kwa nyumba 24/7 365¼ days Kwa nyumba utaona wavuta keraiko?

Kunywa Origin gin it’s a libido booster. If that doesn’t work kunywa king lion red pill