Lack of strong leaders in Muranga.

The level of sycophancy of the leaders of Muranga leaves alot to be desired. No one is there to fill the void left by John Michuki. The leaders don’t want to condemn the water project for political milage . Thought Irungu kangata was a brilliant leader but has turned out to be cheap condemning Raila for whistle blowing the project.

Is it not rather myopic to be against something on account that a bitter idiot says it should be opposed?

Irungu Kangata is my friend. We were commonly called ‘‘wasee wa amnesty’’. As in after Gichaga n Moi screwed each of us with suspension of 4,200 days,kibaki re-instated us after 2002. Msee alikuwaga Tu Coro fm Na ma reggae show lakini jioni anakuja Na ma burungo. A very intelligent dude. Did he have to wait for Babu to show him this? Kang’ata wachaga ujinga. Kembi Gitura Ana fight Mwangi through Raila. Bure sana

Wewe kujia kitu unataka kwa bill ya Chairman.

Na kangata ni quadrijoint…?[ATTACH=full]62390[/ATTACH]

A very bright guy. Very bright

whistle blowing indeed! more like crying wolf…!

Someone told me that the worst tribalists are the dimmed/dulled eyes that are educated …well I’m just reporting …don’t know how true this is though …

Educated dim eyes munaitwa…

Leo umenisamehea na hizo pics phew :D:D last week I had nightmares coz of those pics

Hahaha kumbe wewe ni comrade. I remember when kangata came back from suspension he was already a councilor somewhere in Muranga. Was very popular and I must say dude, together with ted munovi and mutuse (both now multi millionaires behind the rise of Mutua) and makokha wanjala, were great orators. Hope you are not Awour Ponge lol

Mbwa…!!! Wewe Ni comrade. I swear. Wewe Ni comrade. Shait!!! From UON…no no…The UON. I was three years ahead of kangata but somehow he looped in even the finalist to his dubious means. Otherwise how are you doing comrade. Ne good bana.

On this one i agree Muranga Mp’s are fence sitters…, there is something the govt is hiding from us. Their response is vague and insecere. This project will be at the detriment of some people and their livelihood. It has been shrouded in mystery. Its a gilded tomb

yep comrade and believe you me you must be knowing me cos I was also deep into into campus enterprises (not politics)

And obiously you are not Ken Obura. My guess is you are Ponge lol. Ama Opiata Opiata

Kang’ata expressed himself quite clearly on Opinion Court pale Citizen TV, his stand is that Muranga residents must FIRST be provided with clean piped water in their homesteads before they export more of their water to Nairobi and Second, that Muranga should be paid for the water provided to other counties from its backyard. He even proposed an amendment to the current water bill to help his agendum but it has not reached the plenary for debate.

If his preconditions are met am sure the people of Muranga would be very happy.

On the question of the impact the project will have on the environment, I think it is still too early to draw conclusions seeing that experts havent raised the red flag yet.

Waoh…good to meet you here. Struggle it was. And still out here. Got a distinction,a rattansi masters sponsorship which I didn’t study coz of national duty…best in my class. I was to be an actuary. Forfeited all that coz of national security. But am good. Am happy to see you

Prize giving day was on 14th Feb 2006. Valentines day. First class…mmmmhh in this discipline …I wont say it…but by then nilikuwa Captain…That is the close you will ever know me.

You know Ted Munovi? That guy from Kikuyu Campus.