Lack Of Content In Kenyan Media

Ile content Tu Omwafrika anaweza tengeneza ni nonstop Gospel music, fake miracles on fake churches, endless gambling playbill and gameshows.

Ndio maana unaona NMG, Radio Africa and the rest are downsizing. Itabidi waweke paywalls backed by good content

sasa imagine kuna watu wanategemea mtu kama kamene goro for content

The only good content ni porno

Political seasons is what charges our media houses, after that, they slowly down.

Right now they are analysing world cup 24/7. You just feel sorry for them. Unashindwa world cup ikiisha watafanya nini

wakenya ndio wameeka standards zao chini. utawapata kwa matatu asubuhi wakisikiza upuzi, jioni wanaharibu 60 minutes kuona news za upuzi

Especially Radio Jambo inaudhi sana

In the west, private companies create content and sell to broadcasters, same as what Churchill was doing with NTV. So sio kenyan media haina content, it is kenyans who aren’t creative.

[ATTACH=full]484255[/ATTACH]its a global phenomenon same to CNN …Conventional media simply has to adopt or perish. News is no longer a media preserve given the proliferation of cameras and ease of distribution of content. Everybody is a journalist in their own right …(in low tones) Did Madowo join a sinking ship? …:smiley:

Social media is what the current and following generations use as sources of news and entertainment. I’m in my early 30s and i have never bought a newspaper and rarely watch local news or listen to local radio.

Classic FM ndio upuzi yote…when i used to use a mat kuenda tao thika road asubuhi ni kama mat zote zilikuwa zimeskizana ni maina and kingangi i used to hate that commute coz of that station

Copy catism ndio mingi hapa Kenya. Tv stations even take News breaks at the same time.

I can read newspapers (never bought either) but local TV/Radio is a big no.


Journalism and media studies should never be taken as stand alone programs but rather as common units in other academic programs or strictly masters level.

Newspapers give detailed news compared to T.V. News Bulletins. You’re losing out.

Kunua gazeti ni ufala wa hali ya juu. Nini hio utakuwa unasoma yenye hujapata taarifa yake? Kuna time I proposed kwa ofisi we subscribe to the epaper which was way cheaper as a compromise to not buying the paper outright. I was laughed out of town.

In my line of work Newspapers are indispensable. They contain a lot of detailed information that I won’t find elsewhere especially the business section.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

You read papers out of habit. Epaper ni 20 bob while the printed shirt is 60. Sema tuu unapenda kubeba gazeti jioni kwa makwapa uingie.nayo local waiters wakutambue. Then zikijaa kwa nyumba unaenda kuuzia wakanyama na kilo. There is nothing you will get in printed newspapers that can’t be gotten otherwise.