lack of admin foresight

First off I am not a web techie
importantly, I am an consultant
But when I set up my website, I bought off the different variants of domains including the one
That way, I am sure it won’t have a competition by the same name
How now did admins not think of buying the domain during setting up
But then again, what do u expect of a monkey

…and an old one at that?


Admin is complacent.

Hii maneno ya inakuwashia nini? Live your life and let others live theirs. Don’t be a mitch.

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Jua kuosha tako kabla hujaniinulia pua


Mimi naona ni lack of creativity na copy pasting which imejaa kwa wakenya. Mtu anaanza biashara ya quail halafu kila mtu anarukia na kuanza. Ghafla wanaanza website ya mushene kila mtu anaruka mara mpasho, sde. Standard wanatoa Nairobian pia Nation bila hata kufanya uchunguzi wanatoa yao.


Very true man

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If it can be replicated, then it’s not that unique in nature, and most probably the idea was copied from somewhere else.
Toa kitu unique ka coke, Lakini si hii mambo ya nyama choma kuwa same across the board.
Am still waiting for that Kenyan who will come up with a unique/ patent choma sauce, and make his nyama choma unique world over

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This is epic, hehehe

I had read Lack of Admin Foreskin, Have a blessed day.


Pesa bro.Pesa. …hakuna pesa!

@Gio itself is an imitation of KenyanList


Yeap, the problem we have in Kenya is Copy and Paste, and when we Paste, we do it wrongly. We don’t even improve imports to suit suite our Environment.

@Gio, the Man has my respect, but he is just another Kenyan Quack. Tell him what we need are family recipes that are unique, sio mambo na kuingia net, lifts up a recipe, then the next thing we see is 'cooking with @Gio

Boom boom boom

Me too. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Bitange Ndemo once challenged inventors to come up with a machine for making ugali. He was tired of the quality of his ugali being dependent on the woman’s moods. Watu wakacheka, and in the process missed his point.

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So you want me to come up with a meal that has never been prepared before, EVER???

Is that possible?