lacing Condoms with Cocaine is a thing ?


For what purpose?

Mwiba wa kujidunga, everyone knows Nigerians are either drug dealers or online scammers. Ukijipeleka usikuje kutulilia hapa.

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It gets in the system through vaginal fluids for the ladies. Try it, atakupatia hadi golgi apparatus

Yea this is a thing. Learnt it from my Naija neiba. He used to fuck very beautiful women every-day na hana ka kitu wao ndio humtolea ka kitu… Kumbe the women were drug addicts na hawajui till one day moja alienda drug tests for a new job aka fail juu ya Coke in the system… Akasema hajai tumia any drugs let alone alcohol wakafuatilia story akasema his boyf used to sniff anashuku semen doctors wakasema hauezi kuwa carrier so they told her aende huko one more time… Lakink akuje na condoms… Boom naija alikujia na makarau…

Kwani uko majuu?

You honestly believed the beautiful women had no idea?

I wonder why then cocaine then has never been used as a sex enhancer. Do you know that cocaine will take away your concentration to sex during the act, and make it difficult to have sex. In fact, men can’t even maintain a hard on if high on cocaine. Coke leads to a heightened sense of euphoria which can increase your sex drive when you’re on it, but can also make the actual act of having sex pretty difficult. Some women experience vaginal dryness, whereas men struggle to get it up.

Nigerian chokoras use cocaine to trap clueless Kenyan housewives…that has been their trick for years now…that euphoria is what makes our women rate naija brothers so highly.

huyo jamaa amedelete tweet

But oh no no no! our sister @Hethi will swear by the swift torrents of the Ituramiro River, that y’all small pipi niggas is jellosing over di 18 inch naija kasava.


The object being laced is the condom-the outer part-not the act of using cocaine.


Continue and you will know mbona inaiitwa angel dust…bonobos and thinking

Sasa imajin fala imeweka krokodil:D

Hio ndio umeweza kufikiria?

Now, The deputy ameingizwa box. Daughter married to oga.
Imagine oga stroding state house???

There’s a tendency to call unga yoyote coke & any injected drug as heroin. It could be something along the lines of meth or ecstasy which heightens the sex sensation.

Was thinking of gum ya fyatu but pale nikuonekana ntv,THC oil inaingia bloodstream haraka,but meh,krokodil ndo mama yao. Scopolamine might work but the victim will be zombified for a couple of hours and might seep through the profolactic