Labour laws

Since I started working for Kenyan companies, I have come to the realisation that no company follows labour laws. The only institution that follows labour laws to the latter in Kenya is the government only.

I have worked for a company where we working for 12 hours straight, to add salt to the injury hatukuwa tunalipwa overtime. We also used to work even during public holidays and we wouldnt get an extra day off as the labour laws dicate.

The 2nd company I worked for, tulikuwa tunafanya kazi mpaka weekend. Wengine wakiamka kuenda kanisa wewe unaamka kuenda kazi na hulipwi extra kufanya kazi weekend. This company had some female HR who hated male employees to the core. This confirmed the theory whenever a woman gets into a position of power the only thing she thinks of is exerting her revenge on men. Some dude whose mother had passed away after years of suffering from cancer went to seek for permission to attend her burial and to the amusement of many the HR denied her permission citing kazi ni mingi so he had to stay back. Being a millenial kama mimi he bit the bullet and told the HR to fuck herself and travelled to bury his mother. He was told to never set foot in the company by the HR. Fortunately his story reached the top management of the company and the HR was summoned and given a warning and also told to reinstate him back to his position. She was also told that no matter the amount of work in the company no one should ever be denied permission to bury a dead relative. He was given an extra week off by those at the top of the company to mourn his mum. Alirudi job but then the HR was always in his case. After 3 months he had to resign after the HR became too much with false accusations of lateness and not performing.

Currently where I work, we have this female Meru HR who has a bad attitude. Ukiomba sick leave hupewi. Na siku unapewa sick leave, izo siku ulikuwa home hulipwi. Huyo hata alinyimana maternity leave ikabaki uyo employee ameresign. The job sucks to the core but navumilia juu lazima nilipe bills na siezi content kurudi home kwa maparo juu huko nayo ntaumwa na kichwa juu ya kupewa lecture haziishi. I have to contend with her Meru accent and her attitude. Sometimes I am forced to work from home lakini yeye hataki kuona watu wakiwork from home. Ni kama she fills bad people working from home. Anaskia vizuri akipigia watu kelele kwa ofisi kila siku.


Best way is to arrange with your manager. He can always cover for you to HR that you need time off.
Having to go to HR directly, they will quote the contract eg you only have 2 weeks off a year. But if your manager vouches for you, something can be arranged.

Without labor laws being enforced, employers will screw you to the core. Even in developed countries it’s the courts that rescue people.

I saw the other day, vlogger Marua fired his employee. But he was seriously overworking him. From 6 am, tending grounds, cooking, doing construction, then at night is the watchman. All for 5K a month. That is abuse.

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Kama ni Kweli Hiyo ya marwa nayo hapana. Guy is minting millions. Unawzaje lipa watchie 5k?

@EL_CUCUY kwani head hr was Truman gabondi?

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He was doing everything for Marwa. I like Marwa but he was very inconsiderate. Alimununulia mabati za mud house akamuambia that’s part of his pay.

Anyway ingia youtube ujionee. Kuna controversy uko kubwa.

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Slaves wa wahindi wanateseka sana jamani… stoo wining, learn skills and the start your own hustle.