Laban Jakenya Odhis

They have a flamboyant nature and sense of style founded on three tenets, pakruok (self praise), nyadhi (bravado) and sunga (pride).

These are the nyaluo, Jajuok, Dholuo, Mijaluo or whatever you wonna call them river lake Nilotes in Kenya, who thrive on the Lakeside city of Kisum and it’s environs. While Laban is not an imposing specimen as the true Harvard educated Jaduong’s go, he remembers he’s a descendant of a long line of the successful Kavirondo fishermen peoples, and as so, should live up to his heritage.

One morning, His wise council, in this case his brains, told him to travel all the way from Nyanza to Nairobi to meet a new woman (probably a yellow yellow Chikuyu)in a hotel. This is the pilgrimage that every self respecting Jen’g has to make, whether he got money or not. The winds say it’s called “Nyathii”.

Now Laban books himself into a Boutique 5 star rated Hotel no less. He doesn’t do Airbnb, what are those anyway? He starts his charm in style, he wants to wow his online catch by sending her bus fare KSh 5000 pesa taslim, otas?

This legend goes ahead to stay in the establishment for 12 days waiting for the woman to join him but she didn’t show up. The hotel demanded a bill of Ksh 466,000 after a noticeably long stay but man didn’t have any penny to pay. Finally the hotel decided to get him arrested, but the lesson here I’m guessing is that his heartbreak is more painful than a 1 year stay at a maximum prison.

Let’s stand with Laban the way we’re standing with voices such as Gaza, houthis Israel US and better still, wheelbarrow


Huyu damu yote ilishuka kwa kichwa cha pili vile aliskia sauti ya mwanamke!
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This is stranger than fiction :laughing:

Na labda dame mwenyewe is non other than crossdresser @anon79416965