Lab amechoka

The racism and frustrations hapa zimenichokesha. I feel like taking the next plane and come back home. I love my job and i do it perfectly, but the environment and my colleagues are just choking me. @Twangapepeta uko vipi. @kush yule mnono how are you doing?

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Naomba heri nirudi nyumbani kwa bana na mama nikawasaidieee

Hang in there mblo…no one said it would be easy

I knew that. It aint easy but am choking. Sijui ka unanielewa

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once went for a meeting (in a country am not going to name but cousins of the UAE), did my pitch, then sat down for questions, midway the buggers drifted to arabic and went on and on in Arabic for two hours, its like i wasn’t even there


I feel your pain. Just focus on making mullah and invest back home, ukimake enough you leave the racist swines and their swine infested country as fast as possible.


there is always something in we, especially luopin, we love dormination or aburndance u must be cognized, its in the blood of Kenyans, samoro jogo kwodhi to ikia, so u will develop Paranoia ju u feel insecure, balance the situation na ujue hapa pia we have our own discrimination so bera get usd to it

Let that not get into you, just ensure you vent your anger on their women by fvcking them ruff n hard…it helps a great deal




hehe…sikiza mzito @Bingi


And come back to a country rabid with tribalism. Where in an upcoming election year your neighbor from the “other tribe” will not hesitate to ostracize you because you are from the wrong tribe.



Buda boss piga kazi… Weka masikio Pamba and invest by the time you come home you have a source of income…know a certain lady who was there her Facebook updates were ooh Niko vacation Las Vegas ooh Sijui wapi… after coming home she is still stuck in the village for over an year Hawezi ata enda duka … idiot almost made me hate myself

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East or west, home is the best. I love Kenya with all her warts and all.

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U are getting my point. Kuna vile unaelewa situation.

I wish you knew. Am talking from real experience colombo your explaination is virtual

that ensures you a life sentence i jail

Hapana…you ain’t no luopean


all social media closed i cant view what you posted unless you send me the link. This is what i see