Kylian Mbappé Makes It Clear He's No Bonobo....Tell Him Something.

Kylian Mbappé: “I’m not Cameroonian. I am French.
At the beginning of my career when I was still in the shade, my father called the feca foot
To make me play for the Cameroon National Team.
A huge amount of money was asked to be admitted to the team.
So my father was disgusted, went back to the France team, this France who gave me a chance to show what I know how to do.
Today I am the most expensive player in the world. Cameroon is calling on me, they give me a nationality that is not mine.
I am French and I will remain French”

he makes sense his own country mistreated him

@LuandaMagere kuom kiasi.

Dr Ummar Johnson husema aje about half cast children ?

Are they part of the the black consciousness movement ?

Na wewe huwa unawaona aje ?

Can they be true pan Africanists like you ?

There’s no such thing as black consciousness. Hizo ni porojo za wasio na kazi ya kufanya.

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]This statement was NEVER made by mbappe, thats why the fool who made this silly thread never included a link to it, because it’s made up by a fool to fool other fools[/SIZE]

umar johnson makes it clear here…

A sleeping negroe is like a zombie buana… wewe kojoa urudi ulale !!


[SIZE=7] @Mjuaji [/SIZE]

…here is a photo showing some major gods in history in a timeline …whatever conclusion you make after realising there have been other consecutive gods requires you use logic , common sense , research , and your own education… this can help you realise how ignorant and brainwashed you are…

Alafu most major african conscious negroes have PHD’s and their own enterprises …from ngugi wa thiong’o to dr arikana chihombori(former A.U ambassador) to umar johnson and kenya’s Patrick lumumba… acha propaganda ya ushenzi nani


…a question here, how do you worship, who do you worship tafasali explain

Juzi tu niliambia @captain obvious that brown skins don’t associate with Africans akaanza kuniambia sijui one drop rule.

@captain obvious tafuta pointie hata hapo Kisii you will soon notice they think they are better than you. Hata pointie mhindi na somali still think they are superior to you.


After conducting numerous research on the Mbappe-Fecafoot matter, it seems the news may be fake.

Just few days after being crowned a world Cup Champion in 2018, news broke down that Mbappe’s father, Wilfried Mbappe had denounce Cameroon FA.

In an article published 2 years ago by an online outlet kahawatungu, it suggest that;

In a widely circulated statement two years ago, Wilfried Mbappe is quoted saying “someone” at the Cameroon FA charged a sum of money he could not part with for his son to be called up to the Indomitable Lions.

“At first, I wanted my son to play for Cameroon but, someone at the Cameroon Football Federation charged a sum of money that I didn’t have to make him play.

The French didn’t charge anything,” the Wilfried Mbappe reportedly said.


According to, and, If such comments have been made, they cannot be traced or verified. They seem to have come out of the imagination of a third person and were popularized by a Ghanaian sports journalist by the name of NANA AGYEMANG. His tweet in English, relaying these statements WITHOUT SOURCE, has been shared over 14,000 times on Twitter and as many, if not more, on other platforms.

Yes, all Bonobian when they travel abroad they do behave like this. it is the same to that dude from Keroka who travelled to Kanairo and now he is claiming yeye si Mkisii. It is very normal behaviour among the Bonobians


if you are christian , you actually worship horus indirectly… jesus is actually horus presented in a white muzungu body and ideology…

horus is reborn during the summer soltice starting around 21st december thats when the sun is at it’s highest point pale in it’s rotation …then on december 25th , you brainwashed bonobos celebrate jesus birth… mwenye macho haambiwi tazama …bonobo shika simu… gugul

[SIZE=6]negroe wake up…[/SIZE]


Even me if i was pointie i wouldnt want to be associated with black bonobos like u

True. He’s not only a fool but also fecal matter.

I didn’t mean that black people are not conscious, i meant that there is no universal black consciousness. i.e Pan-Africanism is a myth and a mirage. There’s nothing that unites Black people across world. And we don’t behave as a unit even when conditions demand it.

Actually, the reality is that we should be worshipping the SUN God. I come from a lineage that never ceased from worshipping and making sacrifices to the Sun God. It is a programme that was put in my brain tangu nikuwe mtoto mdogo, I could see the rituals and I also know them. i was told that it was what my great grandparents worshipped, THE SUN GOD. In my region, we do not believe in the Bible shit. We believe in seasonal rituals that cleanse our bodies. ( Some Christians call us Witches but we are Not). Actually for you to understand what I am saying with these rituals you must be good in physics, more so Quantum physics. You must understand the cosmic thing and all celestial bodies plays an important role in our life. in short, we are all linked to the SUN GOD. Then you will learn that you can always replenish your skin by simple rituals and concoctions. How many people worship SUN like me?