Kyiv surrounded it's over wadau


War in this century is hard. Satellites can see as you prepare and congregate. They can also determine how many missiles have been launched

Si nilikuambia

Wacha tuone kama kutakua na resistance

Once the capital is secured and taken, it will be over

Kiev has fallen

Not sure bout you guys, but I see a totally different picture. From my perspective I see Russians finding themselves almost btwn a rock n hard place. A worst case type of scenario and Putin and the Generals now have to make some tough choices/decisions. Something they were hoping they didn’t have to do.
The nuclear trick (threat) just goes to show how desperate the situation as gotten for the Russians. It’s not looking too pretty. By now they were hoping to have significantly disintegrated the Ukraine military probably to submission but it’s not happening. In an urban warfare the Russians might have the muscle but the Ukrainians have an advantage. It’s their city. There is no way to know what amount of resistance they will meet n preparedness level. How much of the population are armed. The military fighting force there, weapons including NATO available. Ammunition and supplies. It’s a dangerous situation for the Russians. Getting caught in such an urban warfare is something Putin would rather avoid. Injecting the nuclear option is a clear indicator. He knows the body count would be huge. It could be walking to a death trap. Ukraine have agreed to hold talks at the border the trick worked for now. I think they will hold their positions for now.

that’s the art of war…selling fear… even America imepigwa kama burukenge numerous times but yao ni kuthreaten tu e.g north korea… i’m sure wakienda huko na venye ni mountainous wataonwa war


Hahaa…these guys are getting cocky now. Putin might just say fuck it. Time to go thermobaric. Or chemical. Or both.

And they think US will help them,they are just garnering ideas of their next Hollywood blockbuster action movies.

Russia is fighting US, see the truth for what it is

Watu ya greencard hawaamini Ukraine inakojolewa na US hawes fanya kitu.

Russians namaliswo kama burukenge.

burden is on the invader… unpopular war encourage nationalism and guerilla tactics. if talks fail this conflict will drag on for years



this is a good assesment but wont apply here. Russians know all the nook and crannys of Ukraine. 40 % of Ukrainians are ethnic Russians . so they have spies and population all over Ukraine wakiambiwa mbayambaya ni hivo infact the 40% can form a govt in Ukraine with Russian support . the only way out ni the clown president apatie putin mkia