KWS challenge

This one is right up KTalk’s alley. Wannabe comics, let ‘er rip…


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Threshold ni ngumu.

Husband and mwenye nyumba aka wife.

Kassin, do you let “people” go through your phone? This son of the soil is in deep trouble and by the look of things, there’s a hot chic involved.

A male lion with black mane is still very active sexually coz it is the prime of their life. Though mating deprives them most of their energy, they will still rule till their manes become golden. Hiyo maybe imechukuliwa last day of meeting threshold.


In game-guide jargon, they radio each other “kuna harusi pale karibu na kale kamti…” then you see swirls of dust as the vans close in from for directions.


The wild wild west…