Kwisaaaaaa ! It's Over

Najua umenyonji yako yote…

Mbona ni nyonji mungiki?

Juu umeona switiii chinkororooo

Huyo mama Sina amani aneza kua na Kuma ya ukweli saaaana, shez just overrated

May be over used…simpendi kamwe pia

This combination will be like selling ice to Eskimos! Wakenya siku hizi wanatumia akili kidogo. Ruto needs someone perceived to be corruption free and a performer as his deputy president.

Trust me guyz WSR is a smart fella and 2022 he might forfeit his dream of becoming a president

I believe Ruto went here coz Uhuru didnt want to be associated with bae again, otherwise wife angerudi kwao. So ikabidi my fren aende huko while Uhuru went to ‘mkutano takwisha’ ground. On this 2022 matter, the easiest way to forfeit becoming president is to pick running mate from shiny eyeland, so ruto will look outside for an easier ride, since he will be seen to say ‘see, this kenya is for us all’ and with all this secession talk gaining ground, its only a matter of time before my fren does that.