Kweni Ruto Akona Pesa Aje?

I thought Ruto was kicked out of government projects after the handshake and all his financial proxies were clamped down.

Lakini billboards zake ziko kila mahali, na anatumia pesa mingi sana kufanya mobilization kwa ground. Not to mention, the high number of people on his payroll.

Compared to Ruto, it looks like Raila is not pulling enough resources even though he has government machinery at his disposal. Ama ni venye Raila ni mkono gum.

He just collected 1 billion shillings from the recent nominations.
Add 2 Billion from JSKM and you can see why he is swimming in money.
Iyo ya public coffers mifereji zilifungwa.

Nashuku Museveni alimskumia ka-loan.

nani alisema unalipwa?
kazi unafanywa na good faith

There’s a lot of money he laundered in mega-farming projects that bring in “clean” income.

Ruto produces a million eggs per day. One egg Nets ksh 5 or more, thanks to technology and economies of scale. That’s ksh 5 million in a day.

We haven’t factored in other sources of income. You will be shocked!

Unadhani aliiba peanuts? Ruto did not start campaigns early because he was stupid. He started early because he could afford to fund the entire marathon. Ukitumia 1 million per day for five years utakuwa umemaliza just 1.85 billion. That is money that JSKS can afford to lose. And that assumes he had no money coming in for those 5 years. The guy is loaded to his eyeballs.

No way he is using his hard earned money.

Lies. He said he collects 250k eggs per day. Anyone who has done farming will tell you it’s very expensive doing poultry farming. He makes his own feeds but that means he could be getting a margin of 2-3 bob per egg. He has managers, workers etc to pay. Those who don’t make their own feeds don’t make anything.
On average, JS spends 2-3 million per day. You know even safe can’t afford this kind of budget?

Siasa iko na pesa. Ukiwa high IQ person like Ruto who knows the system, there is no limit on how far you can go. He is a solid dollar billionaire, clean or unclean!

Jamaa alianza kuunda serious money in politics akiwa campus so you can imagine the stamina he has.


250k per day was way back. He has progressed, of course. But that’s a side hustle in the grander scheme of things.

Let me put it this way, you give me a 5,000 acre farm and I make my daughter a foreign envoy in Europe. The absolute minimum I will make from that farm is 10 million shillings NET daily. As for the maximum I can make. Goddamn. You know how many businessmen listen to her when she points out her dad is the Deputy President of a corrupt african nation?

Yes, I look up to men who are ambitious, whether they’re priests, robbers, mafia, politicians, scientists, warlords or whatever.

Just like I said here before. Rift Valley looting gene is unbeatable.

Now remember that according to Joshua Kutuny, William Ruto isnot farming on 5,000 acres… he’s farming on 500,000 acres.

Ngatia is bank rolling the Billboards as protest for being denied Nairobi Gubernatorial by the Azamio coalition.

Mwizi sugu mwingine.

In a nutshell, you are a kalenjin.

Ata ukue na pesa aje lazima itakuuma kutoa pesa zako ‘zako’ bank kila siku ati upatie walevi pale kiambu na malaya. Hii ni level ingine ya politics. MCA na Mps aspirants ndo hutoa pesa zao na kuuza nyumba zao ili wa finance campaign zao. Like you said,anajua system so yeye mwenyewe atajua pali pesa atatoa bora si zake.
Am sure ukiongea na watu wanafanya kazi kwa farm yake ya mayayi utaskia the same issue .“tunalipwa mshahara duni”.

I read somewhere you can’t import eggs to Europe from non EU countries. Any most other products. Rutos daughter is just a raia there in Europe. Farming doesn’t bring a lot of money, unless you grow in large scale. And use mechanized farming. Otherwise you can’t compete with countries that supply Europe. Have you ever wondered why it’s cheaper to import sugar to Kenya? Now we know of DelMonte, what does Ruto export in large scale? Rutos businesses were mostly failures. They only survived by being funded by government proceeds. Which is why he is so bitter. How is Amaco Insurance doing nowadays?

These are just tales. Ways to justify missing Arror Dam funds.