Kweli imekuwa ni biashara

Ati booster shots. What happens when those that has got the boost starts to get hospitalized?

Heri ata wale hawakuwa vaccinated.

Total wickedness

Vaccine sidungwi ng’o!

Listen to the experts,
Listen to Fauci
Get the vaccine,
Trust me it’s safe.
Every scientist will confirm,
Listen to reason not hearsay.
Vaccines produce immunity,
Masks prevent the spread.
If you follow some simple steps,
You’ll prevent someone’s death.
Freedom without reason is savagery.
During pandemic accountability is key.

Why are people who are fully vaccinated all of a sudden are kicking the bucket? And why do the fully vacced need to protected from the unvacced…its like protecting the measles and polio vacced from the others…does that mean “the vac does not work that way”?

Nope that aint happening. I will take my chances.

Nobody knows. All I know is that big Pharma is in it for the $$. Finding cures is not a “profitable model” for them. ION (c+paste) “A scheduling dispute related to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for more than than 329,000 pages of COVID-19 vaccine data led to misleading social media posts in November 2021. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed a schedule to process and release 500 pages every month, arguing that this is the standard rate to process FOIA requests as “reviewing and redacting records for exempt information is a time-consuming process.” The FDA would start releasing this data immediately, but the full set of pages would not be processed until 2076. The FDA argued that the amount of time required to fulfill this request is due to the broad FOIA request that involves hundreds of thousands of pages.”

Fauci ni umbwaaaa