kwani was this SOB(may he rest in pieces)eating his own flesh?


Bonobo mentality, amkule hivyo in public? But hii afadhali, ata CR7 alikuwa anakiss yule kijana wake kwa lips.

well am a bonobo and you are alien together with that motherfucker because how can you kiss your daughter in lips?i can vomit,second nigga so you kiss your daughters in mouth? if a nigro like me stops kissing the wife moments after she is in box how can you kiss your daughter in lips?
even judas kissed my LORD AND SAVIOR on the cheeks,

So ukitomba bibi yako nyi huangaliana tu kama TV?

i will just ask you this one question captain,this is not abuse contest but a civilised conversation.if you find your 15 year old son french kissing your wife,you will smile and say thats my man,right??

As an African, that’s highly unlikely to happen. And if it does I expect it to end by the time he’s around 5 years. Hawa ni wazungu with different customs. I may not necessarily agree with this tabia, but that’s how it is.

very wrong to kiss your daughter in the mouth

Ohhh yes elder uncle uwesss how can someone comfortably kiss his daughter ,assume a teeneger with pointing breasts and coz they kiss she kisses him early in morning going to shower and the wife isn’t around and whether a white black or yellow man all men are fisi by default it depends on how u control that aspect one thing can lead to next

kizungu mingi hapa na watu walikufa.Warogi si mtulie.

men in europe kiss other men ! sasa utasema wote ni mahomo …

Clowns over here criticizing Kobe for kissing the daughter on the lips na hao wanachunisha mandume wenzao skuma. Hypocrisy galore.

It’s not proper to kiss your daughter on the lips. Even most white people don’t do it. All the same, RIP Kobe Bryant.

no, will smith did it too

You might be harbouring a fantasy of fuckin your own kids,mate…

A kiss between a parent and their kid is not mostly sexual,ni hayo tu kwa sasa…ukipata watoto utaelewa.

Kweli bro na pia wakenya wana ufala sana we live in a global village with different cultures, thats what people do in the “american way” we dont do it in our African culture so let the man be hii ujinga mkae nayo kwenu.

There is reason gaysim stated in Europe.but whether different cultures or wat the fuck u are saying kissing ur teenage girls is pervert and stupidity .I see black white asslickers supporting kissing daughters claiming to be parents ?!!eti parents the only true parent to a child you foolish men is the mother .kiss ur daughters and fuck them hell waits

Dude,just come out and accept that you got something wrong in your head…if yu can look at your daughter and see some dryfryable human uko na shida,otherwise ni ubonobo unakusumbua,toka hako kwa kijiji yenu utembee kiasi,maybe utaerevuka.

You are a f**ktard.

Boss wacha ushamba we have different types of love, love between a parent and a child also known as “storge” its not sexual its the kind of love your mother has for you.

Hebu elimisha hii bonobo iache kujiaibisha hapa…