Kwani Simba Huwa Zimestunya Aje? Na Vyenye Huwa Najichocha Nitawahi Moja Upper cut tukipatana

Their muscle fibres are different from humans, more than 3 times stronger and you find hawana mafuta.

Nilikuwa nadhani tutapatana na kamoja nikakule teke na nikachape chokehold

there r many videos of lions grabbing an idiot & pulling them like a piece of cloth…

Simba ni true 200kg+ pure muscle

Na Tiger je? 400kgs

Wewe! Those things are very violent. They deal with your attacks while overpowering you. Imagine the reaction of your house cat only more powerful. You may not even land a blow before you go.

Kofi moja ya lion ni kama ngumi za Tyson wawili. Imara kama simba

Simba iko na grip kama ya small excavator. Tena wako na retractable 10 inch claws. Na canine inakaa dagger za mafia. Ogopa the king of the jungle. But amazingly, several lions have been tamed and lived in the domestic scene with their owners without causing any harm. Hata mzito George Adams alikuwa beshte wa lions pale Tsavo National park.