Kwani Only 2 Tribes Can Lead Kenya?

Hao wengine 40+ chance yao itakuja lini?

Si usimame pia wewe nyangau

Punda wewe

Wajackoya alikuwa kwa ballot mbona hukumpigia?

Kwani Only 3 families Can Lead Kenya?

You had a chance to elect Wajakoya. Tulia matako utombwe

why didnt you vote for wajackoya then ?

Seems people are just going through the ropes of denial on this forum. From hacking attempts 2 days or so ago, elections being rigged, Kiuks betraying others, to now the only two tribes have ruled card.

Elsewhere someone has opened a thread that Kenya should secede.

One day it will explode and your kids will deal with it. Saizi wacha tucheke tuu

Who will secede where? Both candidates got votes in all communities despite the percentage. Will 20% of Kikuyus who voted for Raila cross over to Nyanza? Will 40% of luhyas who voted for Ruto cross over to Central?

Mzee pia wewe unaeza uliza swali kama hio?

Ukweli usemwe, we just can’t bury our heads in the sand because tunataka kuwa pc.

… In your imaginations. The Kikuyu nation is ready to accept any outcome and play the opposition role effectively, if results indicate so. The luo nation keeps offering the same perennial loser for presidency, and when he again loses, you start complaining.

Change your citizenship

Leta family yako tuichague

We si upeana yako

Am not complaining that only 3 families can rule Kenya.

I wasn’t complaining about tribe either. It’s always the families or the tribes.

But no one is stopping @Loser tribe or family from vying for any political post as long as you qualify.

You mean Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki family