Kwani Kisumu hakuna hotels? Mnapenda kutajirisha Wakikuyu sana!

Wait waaaaaaaaaait one minute…so when you bring anti Kikuyu threads here almost on a daily basis you do feel good? SMDH…

Nowhere have I attacked Luos. Please stop this victim mentality. My jabs were towards Nyongo and his government for hosting a Kisumu county affair in a far away county. Show me where I mentioned the word Luos.

Both of you are sheep wrapped in the same wool. Nimesema. :D:D

Makes the 3 of us…no prizes for guessing who the 3rd one is.:smiley:

That’s Chief Mbuta daily agenda. That’s why I said I’m wiser than most guys in their 40s here. Mbuta always pits the two tribes againsg each other, he will never admit it but its explicitly written all over his threads. He fails to recognize that in Kenya, there are only two tribes, Wealthy and Peasants. But no, douche bag got his tiny brain buried in his crater asshole he cant fathom that

Asante Sana kwa matusi murua.

Jimit why are you gay

The boy is a faggot. Tunamwelewa

Chief I respect you

Thank you omwana wefwe

No, the most they can get is subsistence allowance (lunch) and transport. In Naivasha, the per diem according to the SRC guidelines is quite high if you are from another county .

Njaruos are…

They play something akin to football…

Don’t be cheated. The only reason we have majority of players in the national team being from one region is purely nepotism. Otherwise we have good players from Turkana, Isiolo, Kitui, Nyeri, Laikipia etc but no one is bothered to go and fish for them from mashinani

I’m trying to point out your deep seated hatred for the Luos. You’re consumed with hatred you can’t even see it, but most of your posts are dotted with such

See?? Anything that tends to have many Luos always irks you. You can say whatever you want, like the proverbial “I have Luo friends” but fact remains that you Chief Mbuta is very tribal and super bitter towards the Luo. I’m trying to understand where this hatred schemes from.

-Some of my best friends are Luos
-I only engage Luo mechanics due to their high perfection and honesty
-My best friends in Campo were Luos.
-My only chic in Campo was a sweet Luo from Homa Bay. I regret why I didn’t marry her.
-I only buy my fish from Luo fishmongers.
-I believe that Luos are generally better in STEM than Bantus.
-I only differ with Jaluos politically but has no beef with my lakeside brothers on any other issue.

Omera Hakuna mtu anaxhukia Waluo, it’s all in your mind, same way someone takes a jibe for other ethnic groups

Dude. Stop dickriding Mbuta you’ll get pregnant. I know what exactly am saying.

Exactly what a tribalist would say.