Kwani Kenya Ni Part Ya Sodom? Yuess Launches Biggest Millitary Exercise In East Africa, KENYA

US Africa Command (AFRICOM) is spearheading Justified Accord 2024 (JA24), the largest military exercise in East Africa.

Scheduled from February 26 to March 7, this multinational endeavour aims to bolster regional security through collaboration and shared expertise. Led by the U.S. Army Southern European Task Force, Africa (SETAF-AF), the exercise will take place in Kenya and involve approximately 1,000 participants from 23 nations. JA24 pursues three key objectives. Firstly, it seeks to enhance the operational readiness of the U.S. joint force. Secondly, it aims to equip regional partners with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively contribute to United Nations and African Union missions. Finally, the exercise strives to enable participating nations to collaborate seamlessly in addressing humanitarian emergencies, disaster relief, and crisis response scenarios.


The exercise encompasses a range of activities designed to achieve its stated goals. These include academic sessions for staff officers, focusing on critical themes like Women, Peace and Security, and the Rule of Law. Additionally, a command post-exercise will be conducted in Nairobi, simulating real-world decision-making processes under pressure. Simultaneously, the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) will host many events. These include a multinational field training exercise, urban operations training, and a medical civic action program at the Counter Insurgency, Terrorism, and Stability Operations Center in Nanyuki. Notably, the medical program will provide essential healthcare services to approximately 1,000 individuals residing in rural areas of Kenya.

SETAF-AF lead planner for JA24 F. Austin Blessard emphasizes the exercise’s significance in illustrating the unwavering commitment of the U.S. and its partner nations to strengthen regional security and crisis response capabilities through collaborative efforts and increased compatibility among states. Notably, several U.S. Army forward-deployed units including the Massachusetts National Guard and U.S. Special Operations Command Africa will also participate in JA24. Additionally, the exercise will witness collaboration between the 2nd Security Forces Assistance Brigade, various other U.S. military units, and the U.K.'s 11th SFAB (Irish Guards). Their combined expertise will benefit a team comprised of members from Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia, and Tanzania.

The Massachusetts National Guard, leveraging its partnership with the KDF established through the National Guard Bureau’s State Partnership Program (SPP) in 2015, will play a critical role in JA24. They will share their knowledge and best practices in areas such as policing skills and crisis response tactics involving M4 carbine rifles and non-lethal weapons.

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