Kwani everything in Rwanda is clean and bright and new and orderly?

I’m here reading the Daily Nation online about banking and because I love pictures I start studying the one that came with the story.
Then it hits me, it seems everything I see on online on Rwanda is new and clean and neat. No hawkers, no idlers, no electricity and telephone wires everywhere, no signal boosters in top of buildings, no ugly buildings with advertisement on the side, hakuna tank za maji on top of buildings. Don’t you just feel your mind relaxing looking at pictures of Rwanda?
The minute a Nairobian goes to this country the stress leaves their body like heat escapes a red hot spoon dipped into icy water
Nairobi keeps you alert every second and alert is good but being too alert cannot be a good thing.

Once you’re used to the madness of Nairobi it’s hard to walk away permanently but it would be e nice to go somewhere and unwind.

What are visa requirements for kenyans and how long can you stay?

I would be lying if I said I know anything about any of that. I’m hoping I’ll go there one day to see for myself

Free entry no visa, beba Tu the new East African passport, was there for one week,
Security is ok, you can walk in the streets at 3 am without a worry

Tembea hapo luthuli 11pm uone moshi

ukingia Rwanda from Kenya ni Kama vile MTU hushuka mat inagoma Sana unaskia the new environment is so quiet unafikirianga like you’ve suddenly become deaf :smiley:

I am sure huko you cannot play loud music with the excuse of attracting customers kama vile Safaricom dealers do in Nairobi. 2020 nikiweza Mimi huko nitafika

I’d love to visit Rwanda. Usafi unaonekana ni top notch. Ladies are a tourist attraction too, so I hear. Hehe.

Things like this makes me ask my ancestors where did we Kenyans wrong them

Its like we thrive in chaos, mat zinafaa zipange line zijae one at a time, but what do we have here kila donda is shouting ajaze yake kwanza and they’re all going the same route.

No visa needed not even a passport.

All this shit we see in Kenya started after 92

Capitalist mentality and each one wants to get rich fast / greed / madharau / total disregard of laws set up…
Bro the list is long

Lake kivu iko on my bucket list for awhile

Tulisema Rwanda iko mahali Kenya ilikuwa 1970s when everything worked.
They’ll soon go thru the chaos phase which we are in and hopefully by that time Kenya will have reverted back to being organized after we are tired of the chaos.


Inakaa Otato

passport is required

Tuwekee picha za Nairobi in 1982

Na maraya?

You clearly don’t understand what capitalism means. Hii yetu is more of get-rich-fast-doing-dubious-shit mentality plus impunity.