Kwani c Waafrika tulikosea nani jameni?

I came across this advert on a bus stop pale Berndora …i will translate for wenye hamuna akili
Okay 1st bubble speech…mwoman is saying two scoops of icecream costs only 2€ which is chokosh money.

Second bubble speech the african boy says ati that 2€ can last him a week…

So ati wajeru wamjenge 2€ manze.

This pissed me off banaa. And u know why? Hawa walami utubebaje. 2€ ni pesa ngapi kwanza? Chokosh money to many Kenyans… ati One week. Nimejam hata

Wacha jamaa a-hustle.

mseh nikama ww ulamba hawa walami…ghasia taka taka

@Panyaste , if your stomach is full, keep in mind the next person might be running on an empty one.

Hiyo ni pesa yangu ya mutura kila jioni. Lakini ujinga wa wazungu ni kufikiria ATI Sisi zote ni masikini hohehahe.

truth be told, africans we ferked ourselves, hiyo pesa ni mob in Kenya, majority hardly get 100 bob per day , why do you think majority engage in gambling or lotto? it gives them false sense of hope.

Kumbe unapata Doo mob ukiosha magranny matako

Hivyo ndio Yvonne pia hukubeba, in her eyes you’re just an African chokosh ata kama hasemi.

unakulanga mutura ya 200/=?

Mwafrika kutojua kijerumani ni kukosa akili kweli?

What are going to do about it boy?

Meeehn! You must be the king of farts :D:D

It’s easier to get more people to donate if you make them think they can make a big difference while costing them almost nothing.

Wacha kusumbua, the last ice cream I ate in Nairobi cost me 5 Euro equivalent

unakula ice cream kilo mzima?

Gwii. Which kenyans hardly get 100 per day? Even jamaa wa mkoko gets 400-500 on a bad day. Even jamaa wa kuokota chupa, ukiwa serious huwezi kosa 200-250 per day.

mboss, let’s be real for once, ukishuka kwa stage how many guys do you see just sitting on the stones telling fairy tales?and every mtaa has this gang. how many guys in each route await to be given a squad just to get 20bob? how many guys do you see kwa stalls " kukalisha" the owner or worker? how many fellows sleep their days in uhuru park or nje ya hilton just gazing.
right now guys are preparing to go to up country,how many more do you think are waiting for them?and not because they’re family but because they want $$.

True, we have some poor people, but not that desperate. Those squad guys you talk about end up making a considerable amount of money by the end of the day (by the way, squad ni 100, not 20 bob). shida ni vile wako na various addictions that eat up their money. you also have to understand that some jobs are intermittent. you may think some guys are idle, kumbe they are waiting for work. like wasee wa kutoa mizigo kwa lorry, utapata wameketi, utafikiri they are idle, kumbe they are waiting for the next lorry to off-load… wasee wa ocha too have their own local economy which they make some bits of money out of. most guys shida ni vile hawawezi ku-manage pesa zao poa.

Can @Panyaste also tell us about the poor in Germany. Fwakin siet,

Uliza huyo gateman kwa muhindi na estates how much they earn then divide it by no of days they work. Come to the villages where people will not eat if instead they bought antimalarial tablets. Getting less than 100 bob a day is real.