Kwa wale watu wa mbíthíki

Wadau, If an oven is labeled 0.72 kw/cycle, how much kenya shiilings will it take to bake for one hour using the current kplc tarriffs.

Hii ni mbithiki ama economics, anyways, fire that thing up and let us know.

0.72kw/cycle = 0.72kw/hr
0.72 x 1 =0.72 units + losses/inefficiency @(0.2*0.73) units

0.72 x 1.2 (huyo apo juu amesema ni losses) x 25bob per unit = kes 21.60 per hour. Ok?


But you mean i can bake for an hour na 20 bob?

sio ndio
fukara wacha pressure mob roast kilo ya nyama kwa oven bila waswas:D

Depends on the equipment and the quantity being baked. All I did was the maths. Maybe he is baking cookies