kwa wale munatusumbua mnataka watches

Bonyeza hapa muache kusumbua


Hahaha ati 30k kwani ni time machine


Ni Patek Phillipe boss. Hata Hublot ya Mourinwhore iko

Iknyal click ang’o, ng’ony?

Is that Turkana?

Who else has this phobia that if you click on any link in Ktalk your phone or laptop will be hacked

I click everything as if I’m possessed

meffi posting, fake designer watches.

I know someone who believes if he picks phone call ya no. hajui a dick will come out of the ear piece and rape him

Thanks for making my day:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

The anti-click brigade started when some villagers frequently posted links of news articles from sites like ghafla and mpasho (pop name mharo) here, which were basically unconfirmed or unimportant hekayas. It then just became a norm here for villagers to avoid links…well if we go by their comments. It ain’t about hacking.

Tag Heuer ya 25k ni fake.

Msigongwe na vitu fake wasee

Hahah hakuna kitu mbaya kama fake designer stuff heri tu ununue mtush

Hacked? Virusi ndio naogopa.i might end infecting my comp with marasmus or some weird jungle shiet and pass it on to the rest of my tech.those buggers can hack me all they want my cam is taped,mic is chomolewad.i dont don’t go crazy with online stuff that requires money or passwords ,ngwati maybe,unless they hack my klist account and tell waiguru my name:(

Designer watches huanza 100k. Not that I would buy such an expensive one. Niliona uhuru huvaa ata za 500k. Mtu alete rink

True, for 5k you can get a nice Casio watch or Titan watch from that price.
20k will get you Calvin klein.

Breitling Kenya huanzia 300k

Ilianza toka enzi za klist bro