Kwa nini Prophet Owour hachukui sadaka?

So it turns out that this ministry joy rides on its rich members. The family of one Jane Njagi have filed a complaint about how the ministry is using their sibling’s apartments in Westlands as their office complex.

Kuna widow aliachiwa mamilioni na mumewe… alifanywa kuwa senior pastor - sasa ni kuibiwa tu mos mos aki support the mightiest prophet!!

This guy is a genius!! Asks nothing but blind faith and loyalty from the poor, while demanding everything from the rich!

A greedy genius, calm down not you @Greedy Genius :D:D:D:D

Is this really Owuors church ama ni mambo ya gazeti tu

It’s his church, in fact, Owuor’s lawyer is defending the church right now.


Hehehe owuor’s follower detected.

Can’t imagine. Talker being accompanied by the wife mwenye amevaa hizo trademark gunia dresses!

Hehe this is funny

huyu owuor ni mkora.babu yangu didn’t use to believe in God ati sai anafuatwa na gari every weekend to church sasa sijui wanataka auze shamba juu mbinguni hakuna watu wanaenda na earthly possession s.

Wacha watu wakamuliwe.
The mightiest dreadful prophets of the lord, panda mbegu pastors and the uncountable village and estate pastors will continue taking your money because majority of you are brainless.

Not only do most of you waste your Sunday morning rest, you also pay these conmen for the opportunity of wasting your Sunday morning rest.

Endeleni kucheza na the Mighty Prophet of God - Everybody speaking ill of Prophet Owuor - mutaona

Ofcourse, you thought where does the money come from? Its the wealthy members who fund the ministry and there so many all over the world. Kenyans better leave this man alone because when dams of 20 billion are being stolen , you cant say a word but when somebody is using his well to do members funding to spread the gospel is when y’all hypocrites come out to lynch the man.

A mere mortal right? Tunajua Elisha aliitisha bear, lakini hapo alitumia nguvu vibaya.

Well let us wait , for investigations before lynching the man.Personally, napenda Owuor tena sana coz he is preaching about Repentance and Holiness. Because Bible says, without holiness no man will see God. So hizi gospel zingine dont focus on holiness which is most important to God. I am routing for Owuor.