Kuzimia Bado Hawajachikanicha

When you lose it means you lost completely. Hii si ile serikali ya mlevi alikuwa anapea opposition ndani ya serikali. Those guys were always leaking shit intentionally and the fool kept giving them work anyway. At the end of the day, the executive is the president, you work for the president and the president works for the people. If you fail, hakuna kitu itamfanyikia, uf Ruto fails he loses a job. He should ruthlessly work with the most loyal people only. Zingine ni jokes. This is not the sixties when we had a shortage of experts ati lazima urely ghasia moja ukijua bado inakuoppose. This is a time for mark timing and working in complete lock step with the president


Azimio kuna entitlement mob.

Gatheca alikuwa amewazoesha mbaya. They go back to the drawing board and strategize again.

But already team azimio ikona makhasia ndani ya hio kk. The tumbocrats who shifted allegiance immediately deputy jesus was announced the pork.

Some guys are just too daft. How can you apply to be a principal secretary in a govt whose manifesto and agenda you never agreed or believe in? How would you implement the agenda and manifesto of such govt? And also PS are political positions which one serve under the pleasure of the president