Kuzaa sio kuwa mama ama baba

Very sad story. Jeremy from Kikuyu Diaspora wanted to help this boy with leg problems. Kuchanga dough parents used it to buy plot, build, furnish house. Instead of treating their son apone. Why have kids if you are not ready to sacrifice? Tena hata sio pesa yako unatoa to take the child to hospital. It’s donations from well wishers. Hata pesa ya bandage you can not give your child. This case has shocked me. Blood parents would rather buy luxuries than take their son for treatment. Very painful.


One of the worst things you can do in Kenya is to mention that you are in or from the diaspora. Even, your immediate family members will steal from you. You should see how a persons demeanor changes when you mention so. Theres absolutely nothing you can accomplish. You are better off telling those you are trying to help that you are in Kariobangi and are too busy to visit sometimes.

niaje kapondi, kuja kamakis bypasss tukule choma

Or if helping don’t give cash. Kama ni fees pay directly to the school.

Sisi watu wa Ronga kule diaspora ina apply pia?

Of course. They assume you know where all the best meat is. Afadhali uwambie uko Kinoo, nobody will call you for info on nyamchom joints

Makena nakuomba nikunyonye armpit

I know a few returnees doing extremely well so I think personally I just see people in diaspora as guys who couldn’t make it here. I don’t know where the assumption that diaspora people have tons of money comes from. There’s plenty of Kenyans who have never lived abroad who have tons of money. It’s just a stereotype. How many times do you see millions being fundraised by Kenyans for cancer case or any other cause within few hours. Kenyans have money usidanganywe na mtu. Ask people who sell cars they’ll tell you. But some Kenyans huomba pesa even from people in gulf. Who are struggling even more just coz wako majuu.

Catch me on viusasa

Imagine after all that, Jeremy still took the boy to hospital. Mtu kama huyu what will God deny him? Such a golden heart. I love him.